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Artistic Entrepreneurship: The Be Experience 5 Element Smoothies  Story

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Between 2016 and 2018 I ran a company with the aim to help raise  consciousness.

Raise your consciousness using the power and energy of nature

“Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. As are foods and liquids. If you wish to vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore have a different (more enjoyable) experience of life, then you can do this by putting high frequency foods & liquids into your body.”

We can raise our level of consciousness and vibrate at a higher frequency by putting items of high vibrational frequency into our body. Such as naturally sourced plants and vegetables. Not any kind of fruit and vegetable, but those which are grown naturally and consciously.


Traveling around the world, often for business, I was a huge fan and strongly amazed by the impact, the energy and power from naturally sourced fruits and vegetables in smoothies which I experienced in diverse countries, such as Egypt, Australia or Crete.

After seeing many people within the corporate world, especially young people having health issues or lacking energy due to the hectic business lifestyle, I decided to quite my corporate job and help raise consciousness.

2016, I started my venture and for three years I spread the 5 element smoothies through a food truck around Switzerland!

It wasn't just business people who appreciated the smoothies and learning about the 5 element theory which I expressed through the marketing concept, but also very young people, especially young children, they loved the freshness! I ended up raising awareness about conscious health, selling the conscious smoothies and spreading good vibes at schools, companies and festivals of all kinds!

I was able to elevate the wellbeing of 1000s of people who were gaining energy from natural sources! From babies, to kids, to teenagers, to workers, to artists, to adults, the 5 element smoothies were well received.

End of 2018 I stopped the business and currently, I independently continue raising consciousness by spreading awareness about the power and energy of naturally and consciously sourced fruits and vegetables on this website through writing & video!

Why artistic entrepreneurship? The aim of the company was to improve the wellbeing of people and not primarily to make profit. Artistic entrepreneurship is literally about improving the well-being of people.