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Artists in Suits

 Bringing more humanity and conscious living into "business", where living beings and humane ways of life is at priority. One where we are not participating in the structure of the existing system. 

Where individual people are using their talents and passions to help make this world a better place. I'm not speaking about all the "modern entrepreneurs" but the people spoken less about who took the risk of being different and doing something outside of the society. Doing things where money is not the aim but where we collectively work together. 


A perspective which today is purely a dream of mine for the future is where money is no longer the currency but where we work as a community and "trade" through our unique and different works. 


"Artists in Suits are all the people making a change, the rule breakers, the change makers, those who do not have profit at heart but the well-being of humanity and our planet as one."


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