Life Motivator

I believe in the power of nature and the power of reprograming your own mind and that you can heal yourself.  I believe that everyone is given only that what they can handle in life. 

You might have simply fergotten or suffered for too many years that you don't even believe in it anymore, but I will help you refind your own personal magic! 

I help you heal yourself and fuel you with energy!

I help you raise your energy and guide you to unlock your own power to help and heal yourself!


- walks in nature in Switzerland where we discuss your situation

- Online sessions: you are made of energy, so when you are stuck, moving is the best thing you can do! I know, sometimes you don't want to leave your house, so then we will do an online skype session. I help create routines for you to stay motivated and energized. I help you find the right tools and activities and the things you can change in your life for you to have more energy and enjoy life more. 

Lets go for a walk together!

In different parts in Switzerland which are known to be palces of high energy we go for an energizing walk.

-Immersed in nature

-We talk and I help you find the right tools for you to heal yourself. 

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Online Sessions

Together we will identify the best strategies for you to heal yourself. 

I will be your motivator and brainstomer when you get stuck.