Hello and welcome! I’m Isabel, an Artist in a Suit exploring the secrets of the world! 

I'm all about humanity, compassion, raising energy and spreading good vibes!

"Individually we can change the world collectively!"

With a corporate background, I graduated with a double degree Bachelor in European Management and worked for a few multinationals before taking the plunge into  entrepreneurship. 


"If you truly want to understand something, you've got to experience it"

As a changemaker by heart and following some explorations around the world, I found the true energetic power of natural smoothies, those where the fruits and vegetables are consciously grown and decided to share my knowledge and spread the health benefits about smoothies. 2016 I quit my job and opened my first company, Be Experience, the 5 element smoothie food truck touring around Switzerland at events, festivals, schools and companies.

For three years I spread conscious smoothies, fueling people with natural energy and good vibes! Today I continue spreading my passion about the energetic power of natural smoothies on this website.

Isa Undercover

Since a young age I have been a passionate explorer and also hold a gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. For years, I have been travelling around the world, mostly solo, not conventionally, but mingling with locals to learn from different cultures, keeping real history alive, observing and learning.


Exploring keeps you open-minded, helps you grow as a human being and allows you to expand your perception of reality and level of consciousness. To explore mysteries, keep real history alive and learn something new about life from different countries and cultures, ancient civilizations, lost history and of course from nature itself.

Exploring and traveling has influenced my business ventures and the way I approach life. It has allowed me to see a greater perspective regarding what we as humans are doing here on planet earth and has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding about healing yourself by yourself. 

Cultural Project Swiss Undercover


Spending many of my teen years in Switzerland, I have been a passionate explorer about the mysteries and history this country holds. As an adventurer I spent much time hiking and doing adrenaline filled activities around these mountains. Later in life I learnt about the energetic and healing qualities about many places of power found in Swiss nature and now put this forward in the cultural project Swiss Undercover - heal in nature and uncover swiss mysteries, history and adventure! 

Awake in the City

I write about spirituality meeting science and touch on topics one ponders upon every once in a while. With the page "awake in the city" I explore topics about taking the plunge down the rabbit hole yet still living in western society. I talk about healing, philosophy, energy and much more.


21st Century Business


I put forward products and services which are making a change in western society towards humanity and as an animal lover I put forward business which no longer use and test on animals which are highlighted on the page "21st Century Business".

Working more as an Artist and less as a Suit...

In 2017, I started working more as an entertainer, where I got into modeling, presenting, moderating and blogging which I still do today. 

"Life is merely about experiencing things and then growing & evolving (or not) as a soul.”

Much love,