Consultant & Connector

More humanity, compassion and equality in the work environment. Bringing more humanity and conscious living into business, where the human being and humane treatment is at priority.  

With a profound business background and over 8 years of experience in diverse positions in sales, public relations, and management, I now work as a freelancer bringing you the transition between traditional working ways and the new working generation!

Your local conscious swiss sales manager! 

introducing international and conscious brands on the swiss market...

changemaking brands...

Growing up in Switzerland as an international citizen, I have always tried to help make this country more international, and therefore work with international conscious companies connecting them with the right POS in the French part of Switzerland.

I connect you with the right places and people for your event and brand. 

Glass Buildings

Strategic consultation and connections!

  • Distribution allocation of conscious products in POS in the Swiss-Romandie 

  • Connections with authentic professionals (hostesses & influencers)

  • Consultation on humane treatment for hosts / hostesses at private & public events

  • Sourcing of incredible locations in nature with high energy for private events in Switzerland

  • Consultation on promotional activities and strategies

  • Event Presenter & Moderator

  • 21st Century Initiatives (corporate social responsibility projects)