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As a natural entertainer I highly enjoy public speaking. I have been able to gain my first insights into public speaking by having done private event moderations for Volvo at the GIMS, Mobiliere at Paleo festival, or at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Having given a speech about my first company at the Good life festival in Lausanne Switzerland.

I now use my gained life experiences and knowledge to speak at events about following topics:


  1. Fail forwards (from successful entrepreneur to shiti jobs back to employee and finding another way to spread my intial vision)

  2. Use every shit situation as an opportunity (scar & life situation & modelling)

  3. Motivation life story (my whole story)

  4. Heal & let go from anger, hatred, guilt, to your family, friends, exs, yourself

  5. Rewaken your inner child (steps)

  6. Repogram your subconscious mind (steps)

  7. Forgive your parents and establish a truly loving relationship

  8. From corporate business women (take the stick out of your ass)

  9. stop letting your ego guide you and let your true you shine again

  10. change your perception and explore

  11. change yourself to change the world (shift percpetions…)

  12. Heal yourself to stop bleeding onto others

  13. Do all the things you fear and judge and do your passions



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