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70s Disco meets the Swiss Alps! | Detour Disco

Updated: Jun 2

The Disco era in the 70s was one filled with smiles, laughter, high energy, good vibrational music and dancing til you dropped! As an ambassador for raising your energy naturally and spreading good vibes, I’ve always felt very connected to the 70s and love everything about this time. Therefore coming across Detour Disco, a weekend event happening once a year, in different unique locations around the world with only Disco music bringing the 70s back for a weekend, well, I had to go! In 2024 it took place in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, literally on top of mountain peaks. We danced, laughed, explored and had an epic time! Read on to find out more about Detour Disco and the event in Lauterbrunnen.

Detour Disco

“For one weekend we’re opening a wormhole back to the greatest era of disco, in the last place you’d expect to find it” ©1

Detour Disco organizes weekend Disco events at unique locations around the world, spreading good vibes, boogie and positive music for people to enjoy their time with likeminded dance lovers!

They started in 2022 with an event in Iceland, then 2023 in Scotland and in 2024 in Switzerland. Their aim is to create unique parties at extraordinary locations with music from one of the greatest eras. The locations are chosen specifically so that during the day people can discover an incredible area. Just like the recent one in Lauterbrunnen, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages with a Disco event on top of a mountain where they filmed a James Bond movie in 1968 and where you have the whole 360 view of the Bernese Alps!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland event 2024

We were extremely lucky with the weather on the Disco Detour weekend from Friday 10th May until Sunday 12th May. With pure blue skies and the sun shining constantly, already driving up to Lauterbrunnen, the surrounding nature was enchanting in itself.

Once I entered Lauterbrunnen, I literally drove 10kmh and kept on repeating “Waoooo”! It is so breathtaking and does not surprise me that Tolkien was inspired for the uplifting parts of Lord of the rings by this area. The famous waterfall is extremely impressive and it will literally keep you in awe for a while. Since the village has 72 waterfalls to admire, I ended up exploring the whole of Saturday. Not only going on a little hike, or walking through the town of Lauterbrunnen I also explored the 14 Trümmelbach waterfalls which literally charged my energy from dancing the previous night.

There were three event days, with the first two events on Friday and Saturday taking place on the mountains and the third one in a forest in Interlaken. There was only one way up and down the mountain, and that was with a cable car, and the views on the way up were already breathtaking!

The party on Friday was outdoors at one cable car stop under the Piz Gloria, and you could explore the skyline, walking along the cliff to admire the incredible views. Being so lucky with the weather, strangers danced together, laughed, had a great time and once the sun set, the reflection on the mountains created such a powerful light, I couldn’t help myself but dance watching the mountains for quite a while! There was something so special about being at such a high altitude, watching the last shimmers of light hit the white mountain peaks right across from you, whilst dancing to high vibrational Disco music.

On Saturday the party was at the Piz Gloria, the highest peak you can get with the cable car, and the view from up there was simply astonishing! The second night was indoors and just like the first night, it was filled with high vibrational 70s Disco music and happy people dancing the night way.

Life is all about experiences and connection, and what better way to raise your energy than dancing to music, like 70s Disco which is full of joy, laughter and energy.  The one thing in life which connects us all, is music, it’s a language we don’t speak, but all feel, and music has the power to lift us up and raise our vibration, as long as we choose the right music. It’s beautiful to see that unique events like Detour Disco are taking place around the world, coz that’s truly Glocal! Globally creating beautiful experiences in unique local places 😉

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel

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