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All I want for Christmas is LUSH | Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics is a brand changing the beauty industry. Products are handmade, consciously produced in fair human conditions, with no animals testing using as many natural ingredients as possible, yet are still fun, colorful with extremely pleasant aromas. Authentic 21st century products!

The brand Lush is truly revolutionizing the shop experience and what it means for the consumer. From spa treatments to hairdressers, the authentic, natural and uplifting atmosphere the consumer is placed in, brings you a true 21st century service in each Lush shop!


Each season, festive products are put forward and for this Christmas season 2019 there are various colorful, innovative items with seducing scents as well as benefiting effects for your personal wellbeing!

1. Rudolph

A face mask smelling of chocolate composed with natural ingredients such as Brazilian Orange Oil, Kaolin and Fullers Earth. Your face is left hydrated with a super soft feeling. What more could a chocolate lover want!

2. Candy Cane

Toothpaste jelly smelling and tasting of candy cane yet is made from natural ingredients such as carrageenan extracts and peppermint oil which truly sooth your gums and cleanse your teeth!

To take it to the next level, using this toothpaste with a bamboo toothbrush gives you that extra benefit your teeth and gums will thank you for.

3. Once Upon a Time

A body lotion made from nature using ingredients such as apple infusion and organic jojoba oils leaves your skin feeling warm and hydrated having a soothing effect, perfect for the winter season.

4. Packaging paper

For Christmas the wrapping paper is a special handmade one made from Nepal. These seasonal wrapping papers don’t only reinforce the initiative to reduce plastic waste, but also highlight the importance of working with real authentic and handmade items. The wrapping paper is made in an ancient traditional Nepalese manner encouraging the local business.


Most products available at Lush come with the option of choosing the exact same product either in a liquid version or a solid version. The liquid items are bought in recycled plastic and the solid ones don’t need any packaging and are simply placed in paper when bought.


A company which produces items in fair human treatment conditions, with no animal testing, making the products from plant based ingredients to get the most out of nature.

Your skin absorbs anything you put on it, directing this into your blood stream as if you were eating it. Companies such as LUSH are making it much easier and accessible for society as a whole to switch to using natural items with less chemicals.

100% Vegetarian, 82% Vegan, 100% cruelty free, 68% without preservatives.


The brand Lush raises awareness about animal testing, where it came from and what has already been done, by society as a whole to reduce this.

To have a look at how animal testing has been reduced, see the link below:

All products form Lush are not tested on animals and the company itself has an initiative to fight against animal testing, the LUSH PRICE.


The Lush Price is an award to support initiatives against animal testing including 5 award categories such as Lobbying, Public Awareness or Science. People from all around the world can participate.

If you have a project and wish to participate, or simply wish to nominate participants, here you will find the relevant link:

SHOP EXPERIENCE | Lausanne, Switzerland

The shop experience at Lush is truly unique and is one which leaves a strong impression on you.

It’s about the experience the customer has, and in some shops in the UK for example, there is a Spa integrated in the shop using the products for the treatments. These Spas differ from any other wellness oasis you can think of. Touching all senses you are the various different treatments offered, truly transform your mind and body! In hectic cities, it is the perfect outlet after a hard day of work or when stress levels rise and you wish to do yourself some good!

To have a closer look at the different offers provided in the UK at some Lush Shops, see the following link:

It is brands such as Lush which are truly making a change in the beauty industry. With their various initiatives and unique ways of producing the products to benefit the “human being” as well as their incredible shop experience, influences the perspective of the consumer and simultaneously educates people about the importance of natural, handmade, cruelty free beauty products to benefit YOU.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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