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From fish to beautiful views as well as a walking orchestra! The Marsaxlokk market | Malta

A true gem on the Island Malta is the Marsaxlokk Fish Market on Sundays. In a gorgeous old fisherman’s village you can get a glimpse at how local Maltese people spend their Sunday mornings. I love to understand more about the local culture of the places I explore and when I get the opportunity to, I check out local markets, listen to people, how they speak, what tones of voices they use, what they do, simply observe.

In Malta I went to the local Market in Marsaxlokk which is located right at the sea. Not only did the beauty of the colorful boats fascinate me but the friendliness of the locals was truly heartwarming. By the end of my stroll I was even surprised by a local orchestra making their way through the village.

Below you will see different pictures from the different surroundings, products sold to the fish market section as well as the beautiful boats and the local orchestra!


The fish section

The orchestra

The boats and view

Submerging yourself with what locals do and allowing yourself to live in the moment, unexpected adventures will happen and you will learn so much! It truly allows your own perspective of reality to grow and expand when seeing how things are done in different countries!

So go out there, by yourself, enjoy and observe!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder

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