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Heal yourself in Swiss Nature | Emma Kunz Grotto, Würenlos, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

More and more people are looking for alternative and long-term healing solutions using the power of nature.

Energy is all around us, we are made of energy and having a closer look at frequency and vibration allows one to understand how energy transforms and how we can use the energy around us in nature to improve our general well-being.

There are certain locations around the world with an extremely impressive energy level (measured in Bovis Units) which can be used for healing purposes. In Switzerland there are quite a few “places of power / high energy” such as the Grotto in Würenlos which, has over time been used for the purpose of healing the body, soul and mind.

The Grotto in Würnelos, known today as the Emma Kunz Grotto is a historical Roman Quarry which was already used in prehistoric times for its healing energies. It gained national recognition when a child was cured of infantile paralysis merely by standing in the grotto and applying the powder found within the rocks.

The grotto is a healing cave as it contains the mineral called AIONA which due to its composition strongly reduces inflammation which is the underlying cause for most illness within the body. The Cave itself has an energetic frequency measured in Bovis Units of 28’000 (BU) and can be compared to the impressive energy you feel when standing right next to certain waterfalls.

The mineral found in this cave has been used over many years amongst a small group of people and it was only in the 1940s when Emma Kunz healed a young boy with infantile paralysis using the mineral found in the cave in combination with the healing energies when standing within it. Following this success, Emma Kunz named the mineral AIONA (which means “no limit” in Greek) and started commercialising it, making natural healing much more accessible in society. Today you can buy AIONA powder on the internet or diverse pharmacies throughout Switzlerland.

“The universal power of AIONA must be made accessible to mankind.” Emma Kunz

You can visit the Emma Kunz Center which includes a stay in the healing grotto. It is recommended to stand in the grotto for 30 minutes and absorb the energies and allow the peaceful sensation to come over your body, mind and soul for healing purposes.

Emma Kunz (1892-1963) was a swiss healer and artist. With a strong focus on spiritual evolution she made geometric paintings using a pendulum, working with the natural energy in the air. This allowed her to express different views of philosophy and spirituality through art. In the museum section at the Emma Kunz Center, you can find and observe her diverse paintings up for your own individual interpretations.

The founder of the Emma Kunz Center, itself is nonother than the man Anton C. Meier who was cured by Emma Kunz personally when he was a little boy.

At a young age it was a man who was healed from infantile paralysis using the power of nature, the energetic healing qualities found in the grotto combined with using the healing powder AIONA. Because Anton C Meier was cured by Emma Kunz, he dedicated this whole centre to her life’s work. Anton C Meier, himself died in 2017 but ensured to pass on what Emma Kunz started, putting forward the universal therapeutical benefits of using AIONA and making it accessible to mankind.

If you’re looking into healing yourself alternatively using the power of nature and find yourself in Switzerland, then this location truly is one to be explored. Give it a try and experience standing in the grotto itself for 30 minutes, or check out the AIONA powder and try your own personal treatment and see the effects for yourself!

Visit the Emma Kunz Grotto & Museum

The Emma Kunz Centre as known today was officially created in 1986. On the Complex you will find a museum as well as the grotto and a little café with beautiful views.

∞ Visit the grotto only (30 minute slot)

∞ Visit the grotto and the museum (30 minute slot & unlimited time in the museum)

To visit the grotto, per day there are 10 private slots of 30 minutes, you can reserve your spot online here.

Equally the last slot of 30 minutes is reserved for group entering, in case you didn’t manage to get a private slot.

Opening times: Open all year (except specific holidays, check website)

12:00 - 17:00


Grotto & museum: CHF16.-

Only grotto: CHF5.-

Tel.: +41 56 424 20 60


Address: Emma Kunz Zentrum, Steinbruchstrasse 5, 5436 Würenlos

Nature truly is full of all substances and tools in order for us to heal naturally. The day we start using nature and understand how to work with energy, is the day we will make evolutionary changes in the general wellbeing of mankind.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Silvia



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