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If the cities of Malta could speak!

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea situated in between Italy, Tunisia and Libya and due its located held great significance in history, being a base for ships passing through the Mediterranean. Over time the Island was conquered by diverse cultures, to name a few the Romans, Normans, Greeks, Arabs, French and British. All of which have left strong influence on the countries culture which can still be felt and seen today.

Traveling through this island I was astonished how much you could still feel the presence of the diverse cultures which once inhabited this island.

Here are merely some impressions walking through different cities on the Island.

You will find loads of different historical monuments and structures.

Funky things and sign posts!

You will find a lot of carriages all around functioning just as cars do. Ontop of that the amount of different animals walking out and about freely is beautiful to see!

Let yourself be taken into adventure by a place you know little about. It is incredible to see how different a country functions compared to the country you currently live in. How the streets look like, how the culture is, what kind of marketing posters they have around the cities and merely how local mentality works. Go out there, alone and stroll the cities to learn something new and to gain a new perspective of how life can be. The power of traveling alone is so strong, this is how you gain more knowledge about the world you live in. Go out there, explore, let yourself be taken by the city and most of all let your gut guide you!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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