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Meeting your soul family around the globe

Updated: Nov 9

Every now and then, have you not experienced this moment, where you are walking down some street or standing in line at a market, in the town where you live or traveling and all of a sudden you cross eyes with a random stranger and you just have a strong feeling within that this person and you come from the same “soul family”.

Different to all the talk about meeting your soul family in terms of relationships and friendships such as soulmates and twin flames, this kind of encounter is only for a split second where both strangers cross eyes and both share a unique special moment. It can look something like both of you smiling at each other with this intense strong look of unconditional love, often resulting in both actually smiling before nodding and resuming with life, never to see the other person again and having purely communicated through the eyes and through feeling. That is a moment when you have met someone from your soul family giving you a strong sensation of "home", most often in moments where you need a little reminder there are others like you around the world. And these moments mean everything to us nomadic independent individuals around the world.

A feeling of HOME in another's eyes

It’s the most reassuring feeling and gives you this sensation of “home” even if just for a minute. When this happens, it happens so quickly, the eyes meet, both of you have this strong connection and sensation which is expressed through the eyes. Absolutely no words are exchanged as this look is so powerful no words are needed as the communication in this case happens through the eyes.

One of my recent encounters

I have been having these encounters ever since I was little, at the most random of times in my life in random locations around the world. For all the fellow independent one woman show people, we go through live knowing many people but having very few to almost no people we can actually relate with. Usually we are always the ones people go to for advice and guidance, yet we only have ourselves. Therefore, occasionally we need a little reminder of “home” no matter how strong and independent and happy we are alone. Sometimes its super important for us to simply meet another who resonates with our energy. Personally, for me this is one of the most magical experiences in life (next to watching the sunset, sunrise and the full moon).

Morning jog

One day I was jogging in the early morning hours at a lake in Switzerland and there were almost no people in the area. At one point I see a random elder man walking and whilst I was running, we both look at each other for what seemed like a milli-second but this magical moment of connection felt so much longer. It was a quick look, we both smiled through our eyes which turned into an actual smile and it was over. Today, I think of this encounter often and it makes me smile, I mean how magical this world is!

What I love so much about this, is that when this happens there is no communication going on, and to me personally this is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate in life, simply with this look of unconditional love in our eyes. When you find people around the world who also share this authentic expression, WAO is this comforting! Especially for all the souls who think a little different than those in society, yet still have to live in this society.

Remember, we are all here together on this incredible journey of life. If you are more of an outcast in society, quite independent doing your own thing, well then you most likely do most things alone in life which at times can get a bit lonely. Yet it is exactly in those moments when you will come across one of your soul family members. You wont speak a word with them, but share a quick moment of communication through your eyes, which fills you up with so much heat and love inside that you have this feeling of home, for a moment and can continue with your unique one woman/man show journey. So continue going out there, exploring by yourself and let life surprise you here and there in the most magical way.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly & much love

© Isabel


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