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NEW POETRY BOOK A HUMAN METAMORPHOSIS | Available for purchase now

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Have you, taken the plunge down the rabbit hole and come from western society?

Are you looking for some guidance? Then search no further and check out my poetry book, which can serve as a bit of support!

Like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, the human being also undergoes various stages of transformation. In this book you can discover the journey which one may undergo when taking the plunge down the rabbit hole.

"Through poetry, Isabel explores how to navigate through waking up to the truth of society. How to reconnect to your true self, to quiet the ego, understand new levels of perception, how to reprogram your subconscious mind and how to better understand others and their actions. You will find much expression of universal philosophy, spiritual awakening, healing, finding inner peace and truly living a joyful life in heightened ecstasy!"

Available for purchase: Hardcover, Softcover and Ebook. Click here

When you go through the transformation which is known as ‘awakening’ by our society, it’s a journey you take completely alone. It is an extremely messy, lonely and painful process which will take you away from the "character" you have been playing your whole life in western society, in order to eventually allow you to reconnect to your true self. This will take you away from everything and everyone you have known and who you were, your whole life.

Eventually, this journey will allow you to reawaken your inner child, heal all your internal traumas, abuse, genetic DNA trauma, face your indoctrinated belief system, become aware of your ego and how you might have responded to life through your ego (a defense mechanism) instead of your true self. How to reprogram your subconscious mind and much more to eventually start living a life through your authentic being and living through experiences of love and joy, which you might not even be able to imagine right now.

At the beginning of the process you will see all the external wrong in our world. Internally, officially or non-officially, you will probably have had depression, anxiety, addictions and a bunch of labelled mental issues or severe physicals ailments for a long time, which are all actually an opportunity for you to start addressing this transformation.

The big issue in western society, is that since we do not openly discuss the process of awakening, and due to a strongly propagandized and money making "mental health and pharmaceutical industry" most people from the beginning are unfortunately immediately placed into therapy, pumped with medication, labelled as "not mentally healthy or sane" and put into that "mental shelf" in society. However, this merely halts & blocks this natural transformation from happening. Those who manage to resist being put into this shelf, go through serious painful times and it would be great, if society can accept the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and start taking a new approach to the process of awakening.

With the "American" hype of mental health and spiritual awakening, the authenticity of this process and how to navigate it, is also being distorted. Many are searching for external factors and releases or quick fixes to help them on this process, but the only way to go through it, is to grow through it, alone. There is also very little talk about the dark side of this transformation, which is actually about 90% of the process. (Later on, when you get through the rabbit hole, now that's when life gets magical 100%). Especially, if you are still active in western society, whilst going through this process, it can get so ugly and rough and there is little information out there, about how to navigate through an awakening when not only coming from, but also still being active in western society.

Do not get me wrong, when you are struggling and holding on to life, you want nothing more than someone else to help you, or a least hold your hand whilst you are simply trying to stay alive that day. And we should globally live more connected with each other and support each other when we are struggling. However, and I know this is so harsh and brutal, but every person alone is meant to be their own healer, guru, helper, savior. We can guide each other, show different tools which can be of use, hold each others hands, be there for and talk to each other, about our unique journey. This should be strongly encouraged, as the saying goes "we are all walking each other home" but since we are all different people, we will require a different way of healing to go through this transformation, and that can only be found within each individual, ourselves.

Look at it this way, with the example of the caterpillar: If an external factor opens the cocoon when the caterpillar is in the process of transforming into the butterfly, it will not be able to fly and survive as the butterfly. This is a beautiful metaphor showing us humans, that in order to transform we must undertake this painful process alone. Thus, you will eventually shine and live in this world as your true you (not a conditioned you) authentically and ecstatically bringing you a new way of living, one which you might not even be able to imagine now. If we individually manage to do this on a collective level - WAO what a different place this world could be!

I hope this poetry book can serve as support and guidance for those who are currently going through, or are just at the beginning of this process. And if you know someone especially coming from western society who is or might be going through such a transformation, please do share the information about the book.

And remember, individually we can change the world collectively ;)

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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