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Quinta dos Vales | Where Art meets Accommodation | Algarve, Portugal

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Algarve is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, where you have some of the most beautiful beaches to explore and incredible culture to get to know.

When looking for accommodation along the coast, the Quinta dos Vales offers you a place to stay where you are close to the beaches yet retreat to the quieter country side giving you that beautifully relaxing vacation on the sunny Algarve!

In this blog post you will be introduced to the world of the Quinta Dos Vales, where art meets accommodation and wine, making it undeniably an exquisite 21st Century location!


With a couple of different villas and apartments, there is a range of different accommodation to choose from when looking for a holiday home in the Algarve. Located in the country-side, only about 15 minutes away from the golden-sand beaches the Quinta gives you the option of retreating to a quitter and more relaxed atmosphere after spending the day on the more buzzing beaches or cities. Whether for a few days, weeks or even months, the Quinta dos Vales welcomes all kind of stay durations. For more details, click here

Below you can see a few pictures of my stay in one of the apartments "the 4 Winds".


"It's like walking through an art exposition!"

There is so much art to be discovered around the Quinta you can literally spend hours exploring the art. The owner, Karl Heinz, created many pieces himself, and often collaborated with international artists. Some of the art genres focused on unity and diversity for example.


With award winning wine, the Quinta dos Vales is a leading wine producer of the Algarve and offers you a wide selection in different tastes!

Day tours are offered to visitors where you can explore the world of winemaking with the option to also have a wine tasting experience.

Having become a popular destination, today, you can even buy parts of the vineyards and learn to make your own wine! Explore more and click here.


Next to weddings and birthdays the Quinta has also become a favored location for corporate activities, due to its spacious environment and beautiful atmosphere.

The Quinta dos Vales is a family run business offering quite a spectrum of activities. All around the Quinta you feel its authenticity making it an incredible destination! More than just accommodation, you get to experience the world of art as well as wine in one location.

Being a favored destination, the Quinta has already evolved with its recent development of “The Vines”. The Vines are a housing complex which can be rented as a holiday home as well as bought. Buying an apartment, you have the option to use the residency for personal use and when not in the Algarve you can keep it as a rental apartment, as a side business. That’s 21st Century business!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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