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SECRETS WITHIN SWISS MOUNTAINS | The Fairy Caves of St. Maurice, Valais, Switzerland

The numerous caves and worlds to explore within Swiss Mountains is astonishingly great. Amongst others, you can find spectacular natural formations such as a waterfall of 70 meters high after walking 500 meters deep into the mountain in the city St. Maurice, Valais called the Fairy Caves. According to legend, the caves were inhabited by fairies at one point and the water to be found under the waterfall has some unique qualities!

The following video will take you through these caves where you will see incredible geological formations, long paths deep into the mountain and even some bunker doors on the way before admiring the beautiful waterfall.

For more details about the history and information, check out my written post about these caves.

Ever since I first stumbled upon this location, over 7 years ago, the Fairy Caves in St. Maurice have been a place which I have returned to numerous times. An area where exploration meets legend and mystery!

As always, I will end this message by saying, go out there and explore, on your own, throw yourself into the unknown, take the path less ventured and watch what a magnificent unpredictable adventure awaits you!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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