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Switzerland’s evolving Fashion Industry! Highlights of the Swiss Fashion Week "Montreux Moda"

Updated: Jan 28

In the French part of Switzerland we have Montreux Moda happening end of May which represents the Spring / Summer Fashion Week in Switzerland, Romandie.

The Fashion Shows takes place over 3 days in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland right at the footsteps of the lake.

Aside from watching the Shows, in the afternoon you have the option of getting your nails done, eating some local food and checking out the newest fashion pieces at the event.

Some Designers at the 4th Edition of the event, 2018:

Swiss Mode, Fashion Design School (Switzerland)

Moschino Perfume

Versace Perfume

Pagandry (Switzerland)

Evolet (Peru)

Juan Carlos Pumasupa (Peru)

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Spain)

I had the honour to model for different designers on all days at Montreux Moda 2018, so here you will see some of the highlights of the event as well as a little glimpse backstage.

For the official video of the event, check out the overall recap made by DUO films: Montreux Moda by DUO Films.

Some highlights and backstage images of Montreux Moda 2018:

The fabulous designer Pagandry won a competition "the Moda Lab awards" with his outstanding collection! One of the designs of his winning collection was worn to the Cannes Film Festival 2018 by a Swiss Model.

Moments before the Pagandry show, the designer backstage with the models.

The designer touching up one of his creations before the show.

The funkiest and happiest collection was with no doubt the Spanish label Agatha Ruis De La Prada. You can only smile when wearing or seeing her clothes, "live life in colour"!

When you're dressed as a big present, the smile comes naturally! Want to express my gratitude for having worn this dress!
How cool are those fluffy shoes!

The designer Juan Carlos Pumasupa showed his collection with which he is creating awareness for people being contaminated due to pollution.

© Alain Pipoz

Evolet was simply gracious and beautiful! From evening gowns to swimwear, created with light and royal materials.

The Swiss Make-Up school made such beautiful creations! And I have to say the director of this make-up school is simply genius! Such an awesome creative guy! Over 20 models were given complete make-overs to resemble characters of time. It was an incredible spectacle!

Isn't the make-up genius!