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Top 9 music festivals to attend during festival season in Switzerland 2022!

Music, sun, laughter and good vibes, that's when we know festival season 2022 is back in Switzerland! With acts like Diana Ross, David Guetta, Kygo or Rag’n’Bone Man performing at different festivals in Switzerland, between the months of June and August you will find music from all over the globe performing gigs around the country making Switzerland even more enjoyable, especially for all the internationals living in or visiting this magical country!

For the sake of this article, I will be writing about the top 9 festivals for internationals in different corners around Switzerland. Caribana Festival, Openair St. Gallen, Montreux Jazz Festival, Paleo Festival, Moon & Stars, Lumnezia, Lake Live, Stars in Town, Zürich Openair and you will them below in order of their dates with their full program.

1. Caribana Festival

The first to start off the season and one of the smallest festivals in the Swiss-Romandie hosting some legendary acts over a span of 5 days. Here you can discover a variety of different sounds, from local newcomers to international known artists.

When: 15.06.22 – 19.06.22 (5 days) ∞ City: Nyon ∞ Canton: VD (French) ∞ Type of Acts: The Offspring, Mika, Fatboy Slim ∞ Link: https://www.caribana-festival.ch/en/

2. Openair St. Gallen

Another smaller festival in the German part of Switzerland hosting some big artists with different musical styles.

When: 30.06.22 – 03.07.22 (4 days) ∞ City: St. Gallen ∞ Canton: St. Gallen (German) ∞ Type of Acts: Milky Chance, Monolink, Tones and I ∞ Link: https://www.openairsg.ch/

3. Montreux Jazz Festival

The most internationally known festival in the whole of Switzerland, not just in the Swiss-Romandie, having brought numerous significant artists in our time to Montreux. It might be called Jazz Festival without hosting many jazz players because jazz is the lifestyle lived there whilst incredible international acts are hosted. Next to the paying concerts, the festival ground is free to access and there are a couple of stages hosting free concerts such as Ibis Music, Super Bock Stage, as you can see in the program below.

When: 01.07.22 – 16.07.22 (16 days) ∞ City: Montreux ∞ Canton: VD (French) ∞ Type of Acts: Diana Ross, Years & Years, Gregory Porter ∞ Link: https://www.montreuxjazzfestival.com/en/

4. Paleo Festival

The biggest open air festival in Switzerland, also in the Swiss-Romandie. Aside from incredible international acts, each year the festival has a theme which the grounds are decorated in, making it a unique experience every time.

When: 19.07.22 – 24.07.22 (6 days) ∞ City: Nyon ∞ Canton: VD (French) ∞ Type of Acts: Sting, DJ Snake, Rag’n’Bone Man ∞ Link: https://yeah.paleo.ch/en

5. Moon and Stars

In the Swiss Dolce Vita, the Italian part of this gorgeous country, a festival takes over the city of Locarno for a few days, bringing incredible international acts onto Swiss-Italian grounds.

When: 14.07.22 – 24.07.22 (11 days) ∞ City: Locarno ∞ Canton: TI (Italian) ∞ Type of Acts: James Blunt, Die Fantastischen Vier, Zian ∞ Link: https://www.moonandstars.ch/de

6. Lumnezia

Another festival in the Swiss German part with more Swiss acts, who have seen international success, as well as some non-swiss ones like Paul Kalkbrenner!

When: 21.07.22 – 23.07.22 (3 days) ∞ City: Lumnezia ∞ Canton: GR (German) ∞ Type of Acts: Paul Kalkbrenner, 77 Bombay Street ∞ Link: https://www.moonandstars.ch/de

7. Lake Live

A rising festival near Canton Bern where beach vibes and sport activities meet music. On two different weekends you can experience a variety of great artists whilst chilling on a beach!

When: 29.07.22 – 06.08.22 (4 days) ∞ City: Biel / Bienne ∞ Canton: BE (German) ∞ Type of Acts: Cro, Damian Marley, Bastian Baker ∞ Link: https://www.lakelive.ch/

8. Stars in Town

Split over two weekends, also in the German part of Switzerland, this festival gives you 6 days of epic international music.

When: 04.08.22 – 13.08.22 (6 days) ∞ City: Schaffhausen ∞ Canton: BE (German) ∞ Type of Acts: Rag’n’Bone Man, Parov Stelar, Tom Walker ∞ Link: https://starsintown.ch/

9. Zürich Open Air

When just looking at the amazing acts playing at this festival without knowing which city it is happening in, you would never have guessed, it is happening in Switzerland! In the most known city in the German part of the country, Zürich, this years lineup to the festival is simply incredible! So many international acts happening for 5 days in the buzzing Swiss city of Zürich.

When: 23.08.22 – 27.08.22 (5 days) ∞ City: Zürich ∞ Canton: ZU (German) ∞ Type of Acts: Kings of Leon, David Guetta, KYGO

Link: https://zurichopenair.ch/en/

There are many more music festivals happening around Switzerland throughout the summer season and the ones mentioned here, are my personal top 9 music festivals 2022.

In case you are an international either living or traveling in Switzerland this summer, know that even though geographically this country is quite small, it hosts so many different festivals throughout the year with a number of international artists performing.

Music is the one thing which connects everybody, its basically energy vibrating at a frequency which sounds nice to our ears ( and subconsciously speaks to our soul). So attending a festival and listening to music can be enough to raise our own energy.

Festivals make life more fun and if you get the chance to, check out one or two of these festivals with friends or even alone.

P.S. A festival alone is quite the experience which I can only recommend, immerse yourself into the unknown, with random people and have plenty of positive surprises. Having said that, I wish you all a great festival season!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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