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Where Scandinavian Furniture meets a Café Vibe | Basel, Switzerland

Located in the heart of Basel city center, Boutique Danoise, the second biggest Scandinavian furniture shop in the whole of Switzerland (right after IKEA) brings you unique original Nordic furniture pieces, as well as an integrated café, Smør, in the boutique.

Authentic Nordic Labels

The Boutique offers you a varied range of furniture pieces, living accessories, even clothes or architecture books. These unique pieces are timeless designs coming from Nordic labels such as Møgensen, Jacobsen, Nordic Living or Stutterheim to name a few.

Items to be found in the shop, are produced in Europe and Scandinavia, where quality and respect to nature and the human being is placed at priority.

In the boutique a whole experience awaits you, with super friendly workers assisting you. Equally you have the option to purchase pieces through their online shop.

Integrated Smør Café

Enjoy a coffee or some fresh Nordic specialties by Smør using local ingredients. Located on the top floor you are immersed by an open atmosphere due to the full glass window wall giving you a view onto the city center.

With soft Jazz music playing in the background, it’s a great environment to work, have a drink, something to eat and maybe even buy the furniture piece you are sitting on.

Events throughout the year

Throughout the year there are different events such as musical concerts taking place allowing you to experience the boutique from a musical perspective.

Information for Boutique Danoise

Open: Tuesday - Saturday

Hours Weekdays: 10:00 until 18:30

Hours Saturday: 9:00 until 17:00

Tel: +41 612 712 020

Email: info@boutiquedanoise.ch

Adresse: Aeschenvorstadt 36, 4010 Basel

Website: https://www.boutiquedanoise.ch/

Accessibility: Numerous trams brining you within walking distance form the boutique. Diverse parking places are also nearby in the area.

If you’re around in Basel and are looking for a cool place to check out, to buy some authentic Nordic furniture and have a café or some local fresh food, then I can only recommend to check out Boutique Danoise.

Enjoy & much love,