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YOGA FLAME | Lausanne, Switzerland

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A yoga studio unlike any other in Switzerland! With two centers, one in Lausanne and one in Geneva, a variety of different yoga classes are offered, practiced in a “hot studio” bringing your mind, body and soul to a new level!

What makes these modern yoga classes so special is the environmentally friendly heated room with temperatures going up to 38°! The different practices offered are inspired from around the world and are taught by many different teachers who are true experts in their fields. With a great community, Yoga Flame also hosts events bringing together incredible people!

Read on to discover more about Yoga Flame, to see details about my experience of some different classes which I was allowed to do through their unlimited 2-week deal for CHF78.-, and to have a look at one of their beautiful events, a lovely brunch hosted in June.

General Information:


Boulevard de Grancy 1,

1006 Lausanne

Tel: +41 76 513 83 13

E-mail: namaste@yogaflame.ch

Different Modern Yoga Classes

There are 4 different types of classes focusing on Hatha, Vinyasa, Conditioning and Grounding. The Yoga Studio is always heated but depending on the class the temperature varies.

Whilst performing exercises which strengthen your body, improve your balance and get you in tact with your mind, body and soul, you leave these classes feeling extremely good! On top of this, the different teachers are incredibly beautiful souls, extremely motivating and truly bringing you good vibes!

“Unlike any class I have taken, this experience is simply incredible, an all levels, really pushing myself to my limits, physically and mentally!”

Yoga Flame has a great offer where you can try out as many classes as you wish for two weeks for CHF 78.- to see which type of class suits you best. I just finished my two-week trial, trying out seven different classes. Hot Pilates, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket Flow, Core Flow, Yin, Barkan and Barkan Flow. Here is my review from my experience:

Yoga class 1: Rocket flow - Vinyasa

What a reviving class! With diverse poses where your whole body is stretched! Each pose reinforces the bodies structure and encourages you to strengthen your overall balance! You leave this class graciously, with a smile on your face feeling fresh, calm and tall!

Class 2: Core Flow - Conditioning

This was physically intense, requiring quite some endurance and will power! What I learnt in this class, is when you are truly connected and aware of your own breathing, you move your body in ways you didn’t even know you could. After this class, you simply feel great, stretched and worked-out!

Class 3: Yin - Grounding

A 90-minute class that felt like it flew in a very short time! This one is relaxing, focusing on meditation and putting strong emphasis on breathing techniques. With different light poses and always keeping a deep breathing method, this class truly brings you Zen. Walking in the streets afterwards, you can truly keep your cool regardless of what comes your way!

Class 4: Barkan - Hatha

What an intense workout class! Practicing a variety of different exercises mixed with strong focus on the breath, afterwards you feel revived, relaxed yet energetic!

Class 5: Barkan Flow - Vinyasa

One of my favorite classes, really pushing me to my limits! The one was a fight with my mind. The repetitions really require you to focus and stay disciplined to not fall victim to your own mind. It is intense and requires a strong body-mind-soul balance. And afterwards you feel fantastic!

Class 6: Hot Pilates - Conditioning

Simply incredible! One of the physically most demanding classes where you really push your limits! Your arms and legs are completely worked out! Once again you feel so amazing when you get out of the class. The endorphins released from pushing yourself and going beyond your limits, make you happy for the day!

Class 7: Vinyasa Flow - Vinyasa

This one really got all of the muscles working! You will be doing poses which push you further than you think you can go and afterwards you feel so accomplished for having been able to do poses you couldn’t before!

P.S. As silly as this sounds, it makes a difference when you thank your body at the end of the class! Try it ;)

My overall review

As an active sportswoman, I have done a variety of different sports and can surely say there is no activity which pushes me to my limits as much as these different yoga classes. I have also been doing a few different types of yoga lessons here and there in the last few years, but not one has met the standard of these! Needless to say, the hot studio makes these classes completely unique! Its physically and mentally equally demanding and leaving them, you simply feel amazing! I can only recommend you to try these classes!

One thing, I really cannot highlight enough, is the different teachers I have had the pleasure of taking a class with, are truly beautiful souls, so motivating and giving you the encouragement to push yourself that extra bit further. The professionalism mixed with human kindness is truly special. If you are looking for good teachers go to yoga flame… A good teacher makes all the difference!

© 1. Yoga Flame | Lausanne Schedule

General Prices & Packages

With a variety of different offers it is a perfect solution for the 21st Century Citizen! Great flexibility, especially for the global nomad!

What I find extremely convenient are the drop-in options, sometimes I don’t know how long I will be in the country, but really want to take a class, then this option is perfect! When I know I will be in the country longer, the 10 class packs are also a great alternative, and if I know I’m definitely in the country for a month and feel like doing an intense personal “bootcamp” I will take a subscription for a month.

- Drop ins: 34.- / per 60min class

- Packs: 320.- / 10 class Packs

- Subscriptions: 290.- / 1 month unlimited

- 2 weeks unlimited for CHF 78.-! To try out the different classes offered and see which suit you the best, you can sign up for a 2-week unlimited experience going to as many classes as you wish.

There are other offers, which you can see on their website here.

Events - Brunch Yoga Flame Lausanne

About once a month, Yoga Flame hosts events, such as a brunch or a workshop.

I am extremely grateful to have attended the Brunch end of June and I can only recommend these events!

Such a beautiful surrounding, with super interesting people and extremely energetically rich food!

Most ingredients of the food and drinks were sourced from a local farmer in the region and made with love by an incredible team of people!

At such events, you also have the opportunity to discover new things, such as this German coffee brand, Teikei, where the beans are imported from Mexico through a sailing boat!

What I love the most, are meeting complete strangers, having incredible conversations and simply enjoying the day in an incredibly enriching environment! Great company, Great food, Great brunch and Great vibes!

2. Organic Coffee Teikei

© 3. Picture from Yoga Flame Social Media

If this has sparked your interest and you wish to explore the world of Yoga Flame, I can only recommend trying out the 2-week trial and seeing which classes suit you best! For more information have a look at the link here.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder

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