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Like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, the human being also undergoes various stages of transformation. In this book you can discover the journey which one may undergo when taking the plunge down the rabbit hole.

It is a non-fictional poetry book expressing real life experiences and common themes many people encounter on their path of transformation, healing and completely changing their lives.

Using words to provide you with support in your times of need and giving you tools so you can help heal yourself.


This book is for you, if you are someone who's never fit into this world, and does not agree with much of the disconnection and disharmony going on globally. If you have seen beyond the misconception western society is built upon and realized you were entangled into a world which you did not want to be a part of. If you are the generational Karmic DNA changer in your family, and are currently trying to heal from your childhood. If you have gone through extremely tough times and challenging life circumstances and feel like you have been completely broken, yet wish to heal yourself to change your life. This book will provide you with stories and tools in order for you to make you feel less alone during rough times, to help heal yourself, to guide you to eventually live as a free human being, fully transformed and living in harmony with yourself, all living beings and nature.


Stage 1 (Caterpillar): Seeing all the wrong externally. Living a life you were pushed into. Being burnt out from this inhumane society. Not being able to continue the life you lived. Seeing how your ego drove your life. Acknowledging the chaotic world we live in, seeing the world for what it is, becoming aware of the disconnection to yourself, others and nature.

Stage 2 (Pre-chrysalis): Realizing all of the internal work you have ahead of you. Feeling all the internal sadness, depression, anxiety. Acknowledging that your mind was conditioned to function as a "correct member of society". Helping you understand the perspective of others and perception in general. Becoming aware of all the hidden and pushed back trauma and the neglect of your inner child.

Stage 3 (Chrysalis): Doing the work. Taking responsibility for your life. Presenting different tools how to heal yourself. Tools which can help you let go of anger, hate, trauma, pain, jealousy, guilt, frustration, etc. Tools to help you reprogram your own subconscious mind. Helping you let go of thoughts and actions blocking you. Understanding that any change you wish to see starts with you, to change your outer external life, it is up to you to heal and change your internal state. 

Stage 4 (Leaving the chrysalis shell): Seeing the lessons in former experiences. Incorporating new realizations. Digging deeper into the understanding of forgiveness, healing and the journey of life itself. Seeing the greater picture, the connection between everything and everyone and becoming aware that your whole journey happened the way it did for your own wellbeing and for the evolution of the collective consciousness.  

Stage 5 (Butterfly): Seeing life from a completely new perspective and integrating a new awareness. Feeling internal peace and true happiness. Truly feeling oneness with everything and everyone. 


∞ seeing the external world for what it truly is and sharing perspectives of not being happy with the world and not feeling like belonging

∞ quieting the ego

∞ acceptance of having lived a life which you were conditioned to live

∞ navigating through trauma, pains, anger, hurt, many uncomfortable feelings

∞ reconnecting you to your true self, who you truly are

∞ reawakening your inner child, healing your inner child and strengthening that relationship

∞ dealing with generational DNA trauma

∞ understanding others, their actions and the external world

∞ taking full responsibility for everything in your life

∞ reprograming your subconscious mind

∞ understanding new levels of perception


The aim is to help you heal yourself. To provide you with tools to free yourself from internal pain, and many low vibrational feelings. To free yourself from childhood trauma and a conditioned mind. To help you re-waken who you truly are, reconnect with your inner child and what you truly want to do in this world. To help you accept and transform emotions of anger, hate, guilt and much more keeping you in a low vibrational state of life. To guide you through the whole process in order for you to be free, to live free and to be who you truly are and came here to be in this world. 

Poetry Book



"I was captivated from the moment I dived into Isabel's book, purchasing it in electronic format. After completing an initial cover-to-cover reading, I now find myself immersed in a second, more profound exploration.


Isabel's work weaves together poetry and metaphors to unveil a profound way of life and philosophy that we could and should all experience. The book's inspirational narrative resonates deeply, making it a truly enlightening read that I wholeheartedly recommend." 

François Bitzi

Branding & Communication

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