Lago di Carezza

Swiss Undercover

Get to know Switzerland from a new perspective!

With the cultural project Swiss Undercover I am putting forward all the incredible things found in Swiss Nature. From healing hikes and adventurous activities to legends and mysteries about historic locations, events and so much more.

Nature, Adventure and Places of Power

Switzerland's nature is full of places of power which are extremely energizing, regenerating and full of healing qualities.

So many hikes gives you stunning views but also allow you to use nature to heal. On top of that, this natural adventure park is full of adrenaline filled activities, which fill you up with energy!


Mystery & History

The country might be small geographically but is very big when it comes to its history and mystery!

For all the history lovers there are plenty of places to explore. The different mysteries and legends to uncover inside mountains are endless! Old mines, military bunkers, mysterious caves, underground lakes or even waterfalls found in the depth of the mountains as well as the abandoned sanatoriums and factories will keep your curiosity pumped.


With a variety of festivals all year around, there is an active events scene to be found with many international gatherings happening in this country. 


Enjoy going Undercover in Switzerland!

Nature, Adventure & Places of Power

History & Mystery