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Forget your blues at the Blausee | Bernese Oberland

There are some places in this world which have such a soothing energy about them, it can be mountains which you look at that have a powerful energizing effect on you, waterfalls which replenish you and clear your mind, or lakes which strongly impact your subconscious. Either way, it's nothing new that there are locations mostly in nature, which vibrate on such high frequencies that they have healing and energizing effects, whether you believe in it or not, you can definitely feel it! Switzerland, being a natural adventure park is full of these places of power and the Blausee in the Bernese Oberland, being one of the most blue and crystal clear lakes in Switzerland is not only extremely beautiful to visit, but can also have a strong impact on your subconscious, releasing some deep rooted blues. Read on to discover more about the unique lake qualities, its enchanting forest and an energy trail leading you to this location.

Blausee - Blue Lake

Blausee literally meaning Blue Lake, located in Kandergrund, in the Bernese Oberland, is a lake known for its crystal clear and mesmerizing blue colour. Formed over 15’000 years ago due to natural circumstances, massive logs fell into the lake still remaining there today forming an optical illusion. When looking into the lake it looks as though these logs are only a meter under the water when in reality they lie at the bottom, 12 meters deep. This optical illusion is due to the water being so crystal clear due to there being natural springs at the bottom of the lake pouring new water into it and cleaning it constantly. The impressive blue colour is due to certain minerals and a specific species of algae residing in the lake.

Enchanting forest around the Blausee

Walking around the lake will get you to pass through the surrounding forest which has such fresh and strong energy! It’s very fueling walking around the lake, passing through this forest where you will encounter boulders and trees covered in roots forming beautiful natural statues.

Side note: Having become quite the tourist attraction, it’s also a bit touristy and you’ll find a kids park, an area to barbeque, a relaxing area with cute chairs to take in the gorgeous view, fish in the lake, a possibility to take a boat ride and much more.


It is said that the lake is so blue due to a young girl with bright blue eyes, who was mourning the loss of her loved one, entered the lake turning it bright blue. In 1998 an artist dedicated a sculpture to this legend and placed it in the lake. It is honestly a sweet idea and very beautiful to look at, and this sculpture too, seems to be so close to the top of the water but lies meters below.

Energy trail accessing the Blausee

The lake is accessible by walking through a hiking path along the villages nearby where you are fully immersed in nature. You can take a train or park your car in the neighbouring village such as Frutigen, where you can access the hiking path taking you through picturesque scenery. Walking along this energy trail next to these mountains, you’ll discover caves or massive energy boulders on fields, as well as a powerful river. Eventually you will come across a bridge which leads you into the Blausee for free. (You can also drive to the Blausee directly where you will have to pay an entry fee. I guess they allow explorers who are walking through the hiking path to enjoy this high energy location in nature for free and get tourists who simply wish to see the lake to pay.)

p.s. Most fences in this areas have an extra fence around the electric fence, very practical if you explore with dogs.


Address: Blausee, 3717 Kandergrund

Opening: All year long

Cost: Free if you enter from the hiking path. Entering from the main entry will cost you.

Dog friendly: Dogs are allowed at the Blausee, just keep them on the leash and there is a lama farm where you can’t take the dog with you, but the whole rest of the area is accessible with a dog.

When you need to recharge, regain energy, change your perspective, clear out your mind or simply are looking to shut off from the world and enjoy peace, well then the best thing to do, is to go into nature, to be immersed with mother nature and truly ground!

There is something about the Bernese mountains, when simply walking in them and looking up, you feel transported, you feel refueled and simply energized. Since we all have an energetic field around us, sometimes looking at certain boulders or mountains, standing in front of waterfalls, walking certain paths or specific lakes will refuel you, energize you, clear your energetic field and have a long lasting impact on you subconsciously.

Now, there might even be a little more to the legend at the Blausee than known. Maybe there wasn’t a girl who turned the lake blue, but maybe the minerals and frequencies exerted from the water and its unique colour might actually help release any blues within your subconscious mind. Head over there yourself, and see if in the upcoming days after your visit, some old stagnated wound stuck in your subconscious mind, which you might even have forgotten about but causes you the blues here and there, might come to the surface. Maybe through a dream or an experience which helps you release something so old you wouldn’t consciously actually access, but which can be released through the power of nature. Once again, nature is not just beautiful to be in, or allows you to shut off from the world, but some locations truly have deep healing and energizing impacts, so strong some might even say they are magical.  

We are generation change.



Yours truly,


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