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"Individually we can change the world collectively."

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I’m Isabel, an Artist in a Suit [ an entrepreneur, writer, performer and story teller ] exploring the secrets of the world! 

After running my own smoothie company Be Experience between 2016-2018 in Switzerland, I turned to pursue my creative ventures, notably writing, and published my first poetry book in 2023, A Human Metamorphosis.  

Poetry Performances

Mixing my passion of performing and natural ability to raise energy of crowds, I give poetry reading performances where I create an uplifting, energetic, yet emotional experience.

Motivational Speaker 

Using life experiences to inspire and motivate. With a variety of motivational speaker topics from entrepreneurship, the downside of the corporate world, authentic conscious living, changing your own perspective all the way to becoming your own healer. I talk about topics to inspire, motivate and make life more joyful and uplifting.


Articles - Written Content

Creating articles about philosophy, society, changemakers and explorations around the world as well as a page dedicated to Switzerland. I write about experiences to raise you energy, evolve your perception of reality, keep real history alive and provide words of wisdom.

21st Century Business – Affiliate Marketing

With my profound background in business, I write about 21st Century Businesses putting forward products and services which help improve the wellbeing of humans, whilst respecting our planet, nature and animals.

No greenwashing, but glocal, genuine, transparent and authentic organisations which I stand behind and also use myself.


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