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I’m Isabel, an Artist in a Suit [ an entrepreneur, an explorer, a writer and story teller ] exploring the secrets of the world! 

"Individually we can change the world collectively."

Through the experience of working actively in the corporate business world for 5 years, opening and running my own changemaker company for 3 years and almost dying following an accident with staphylococcus, by the age of 26 I had my life turned upside down. I went down a path of self-healing, coming back to my true nature, where I learnt the most valuable lesson one can learn in life. To change the world, all you can do is change yourself, and this will impact anyone you come across in life, creating a domino effect, planting seeds for others to change themselves. That’s how we, individually, change the world collectively.

Therefore, if you want to change the world, change yourself.

I was born in Germany, lived in Portugal during my childhood, spent my teen years in Switzerland, before heading off to the UK and France for University after which I worked in Berlin before coming back to Switzerland.

As someone who is naturally compassionate and never felt like I fit into this world, by the time I was 16, I used my position in life and made it my mission to contribute to “change the system”, thus bring change within the business world. So I became the best business woman I could. I worked extremely hard, sacrificed a lot and after graduating with a double degree bachelor (IPBS Programme) I had already worked for different top renowned multinationals such as Philip Morris International, Evian Volvic or IMG Berlin Fashion by the time I was 23. At the age of 24, I became a successful entrepreneur with my first company Be Experience, the 5 element smoothie food truck touring around Switzerland at events, festivals, schools and companies having my milestone selling smoothies at the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival. For three years I spread conscious smoothies, fueling people with natural energy and good vibes as well as giving speeches at events about the company and health in the business world. For a few reasons, notably to stay truthful to my values instead of expanding the company, in 2018 I stopped this venture.

In 2017, Following an accident I had, and staphylococcus (blood poisoning) one year into my company, I almost lost my leg and life, yet got to keep both.

This incident set of the beginning of a long path of self-healing and generational Karmic DNA healing, which at the time I still tried to push aside but slowly began.

Whilst I ventured on my solo healing journey within, I equally decided to use the situation I was in as an opportunity (all whilst still running my company).

​"In life, it does not matter what happens to you, all that matters, is how you react."

I decided to use this situation to help break down the discrimination barriers within the beauty standards in Switzerland and also help others who had scars still feel beautiful and confident about themselves so I started modelling (age 26 with a huge scar on my leg, not really a conventional model) and took part in a Miss competition where I came third.

“There is an opportunity in every situation."

Whilst I focused on my healing journey, I decided to reawaken my artistic creative side, the natural entertainer I am by heart before I was so focused on "trying to change the world" as a business woman. Eventually, I started doing more of the creative artistic things I loved, but neglected for so many years. For a while I worked as a model doing catwalks and commercials, started doing moderations and later on also worked as a blogger where I was allowed to work with numerous changemaker and tourism companies.

By the end of 2018, the time came where I stopped my company and focused purely on my healing journey. Since one of my big aims in life has always been to help “change the world” and help others be happier, I wasn’t even aware of it at the time, but to achieve that aim, I had to first do that myself. How better to help end collective suffering than to first teach yourself how to end your own suffering? Preach what you teach, right?

"If you truly want to understand something, you've got to experience it."

The way I see it, you could say life is one big experience and we simply undergo different experiences to grow as beings on this earth. Since we all have different experiences in life, which can give us the opportunity to grow, we can all heal ourselves being our own healers. I decided to be my own guide, guru, hero and Savior. Equally, circumstances considering, I had no choice but to teach myself everything alone and tried out so many forms of healing trauma, pains, hurt, reawakening my own inner child etc.

This led me to publish my first book, a poetry book, A Human Metamorphosis, which is a guide for your own healing journey, helping you return to your true self, who you truly are, reawakening your inner child, healing and releasing suffering when coming from western society, especially the corporate world. The way our system is structured is not one benefiting for the human being, thus I wanted to help people come back to who they truly were as a child. 


"Life is merely about experiencing things and then growing & evolving (or not) as a soul."

Throughout my healing journey I spent much time in nature, exploring as much as possible, as this refuelled and energized me. Exploring had always been my go-to thing and was what I really loved to do as a little child, which indirectly allowed me to strengthen my relationship with my inner child. It has allowed me to see a greater perspective regarding what we as humans are doing here on this planet and has enabled me to gain further knowledge about philosophies surrounding what the human being is, how we individually can function correctly with nature, and coexist with all living beings simultaneously in harmony.

"Exploring keeps you open-minded, helps you grow as a human being and allows you to expand your perception of reality and level of consciousness."

At one point I started the blog “Swissundercover”, putting forward all the places I was exploring which helped me tremendously on my path of healing alone in solitude. I recently developed this into the cultural project Swissundercover where I put forward Swiss mysteries, history, adrenaline filled activities, energizing locations in nature and much more through video. I aim to provide entertaining and informative material for internationals living in this country or simply visiting, to raise their energy, refuel and heal in Swiss Nature.

"Raise your energy through exploration, being in contact with nature, observing and learning about new life perspectives."

Work with me

As an ambassador of good vibes and someone who naturally raises the energy of crowds as well as being a passionate speaker, work with me as a motivational speaker or presenter. 
Get in touch with me here.

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