A little bit about myself...

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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Isabel, an Artist in a Suit exploring the secrets of the world! 

With a corporate background I worked for a few multinationals before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. 2016 I opened my first company, Be Experience, the 5 element smoothie food truck touring around Switzerland at events, festivals, schools and companies! For three years I spread conscious smoothies, fuelling people with natural energy and good vibes! 

After some life changing situations I decided to follow my true passion, exploring! To explore mysteries, keep real history alive and learn something new about life from different countries and cultures, ancient civilizations, lost history and of course from nature itself.

"Life is merely about experiencing things and then growing & evolving (or not) as a soul.”

Swiss Undercover

Spending my teenage years in Switzerland, as an international person I explored this country to discover how rich it is in history, places of power in nature and how much mystery lies within the mountains! Uncovering this country for many years I started the blog Swiss Undercover putting forward different findings around the country especially for international people to gain a whole new perspective about its true beauty!


Awake in the City

Exploring keeps you open-minded, helps you grow as a human being and allows you to expand your perception of reality and level of consciousness. In the section Awake in the City, I write about spirituality meeting science and touch on topics one ponders upon every once in a while, especially for those coming from a corporate background but finding themselves undergoing life changing situations. I equally put forward businesses which are making a change in society.

Isa  Undercover 

For many years, I have travelled around the world, mostly solo, not conventionally, but mingling with locals to learn from different cultures, keeping real history alive, observing and learning which is expressed in the section Isa Undercover.

That's some stuff about me, I hope you enjoy this website!

Much love,