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Artists in Suits

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Artists in Suits are all the people trying to make a change in the world. The rule breakers, the change makers, the creative artists within the world of business.

When speaking of the business world, every industry is included, in the end of the day, if there’s money involved, its business. Doesn’t matter if it’s the corporate world, the scientific realm or entertainment industry.

Artists in Suits are those people who are contributing to the global change in how business is done and the way our system works.

People who have understood that the way our system works is not a sustainable one for the future, for a more free way of living and working. Yes, we still live in a society which requires us to use money, so it’s about making more humane ways of making money so that humans can be humans and not machines.

Our world is evolving so rapidly, exponentially in so many different areas, and the inhumane ways of life are no longer tolerable by so many. We are reaching a point where the change is dominantly happening, it might seem like a struggle to those who are doing it, but it is happening.

Artists in Suits are creating new ways of living and new ways of doing business.

Introducing a new, more humane way of working. One where greed and money is not the aim and not the priority, but one where the wellbeing of people is a priority. Where the aim is not to just bring a better life for ourselves, not just about getting more money, but about creating a better world, as cheesy as it sounds, one where everybody has a chance to live a free human life and do the work which makes them happy. Not one because we have to pay bills or because we were told from a young age it’s the way to do things. That’s not what life is about. But here I’m already touching onto my next topic, what does it actually mean to be a human in the society we live in?

Us Artists in Suits believe in the greater good in humanity and understand that we are all connected in some way or another, and truly wish for a better life for everybody.

Let’s bring more humanity, compassion and freedom into all areas of all industries. In each industry we have Artists in Suits. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a doctor, a scientist, a musician, a painter, an athlete, the list goes on etc… us who share this way of thinking, we are all Artists in Suits.

Sending you so much love, courage and motivation.

We are generation change!

15.11.2018, Swiss Undercover


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