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3 exercises to help you release painful past situations

Nowadays there are so many people who wish to heal from their past. From traumatic childhoods, from a terrible relationship, from former fake friends, it doesn’t matter what the situation was… maybe all of them together. Fact is, if you do not let go of whatever caused you pain and hurt from your past, you will carry it into every single present and future experience. I will be sharing 3 different ways to help you let go of painful past situations as well as an exercise for each, which you can practice. If you are intrigued then continue reading.

Situations are repeated until resolved

We will re-experience situations which will cause similar emotions simply through different circumstances, in order to eventually start healing the actual root cause of the pain to eventually release it. As mentioned in the previous article, everything we experience allows us to grow and evolve as a soul. And anything will repeat itself in life until we decide to heal the root cause of something.

Life is so much easier and more enjoyable when we finally let go of the baggage, the heavy weight which we carry everywhere with us. and I know its much easier said than done, and it can take years for something to be fully released from out energetic field, but by bringing awareness and starting now, eventually life will get lighter and lighter and you can move forward without painful past wounds rising, and without re-experiencing the same thing in a different situation with different people.

Here are 3 different ways to help you let go of past painful relationships / experiences

1. Understand others perspective

Understand where the ones who hurt you come from. What kind of a life experience they had. They most likely are hurt themselves, and never dealt with their baggage and wounds. Remember hurt people, hurt people. So you can break that cycle and heal your wounds before hurting others.

Reflection exercise:

Put yourself into their shoes. How did they grow up? What painful experiences must they have undergone in order to be so cold / mean / horrible?

Even if they are the ones who hurt you, by showing compassion, it frees you, because you start understanding not to take things personally and that others simply act from their level of consciousness and that their actions are merely a reflection of who they are inside.

2. Let go of the anger and resentment

In other words, drop the baggage, the heavy weight, the pain, the wounds, all of those low vibrational emotions you feel. The sad truth is, whatever you feel, only you feel, even if others caused you pain. There is this famous saying which carries so much truth: anger is poison you feed yourself. This hate you carry within you, only you feel it, so unfortunately, if even you tell them, they don’t know the damage they did to you.

Writing exercise:

Write them a letter of forgiveness, saying everything you want them to hear. Once you are finished, burn the letter or keep it somewhere if you want. The fact of writing it all onto paper truly frees you. It allows you to forgive them, even if you never received an apology and don’t expect one in the future. Therefore, for yourself forgive them. You owe it to yourself to be free from feeling all these low vibrational feelings keeping you stuck in the past and don’t limit yourself from experiencing such beautiful blissful new life opportunities.

3. Stop giving your power & energy away and release attachments

Its up to you what you focus on, by focusing on how much you hate someone, you are giving them power. Remember wherever your focus goes, is where your energy goes. S by thinking of all the wrong someone did to who, or how small they made you feel, how you allowed another person to treat you, especially those who are supposed to love you. That hurts! But by constantly thinking about it, you are keeping those experiences alive in the present moment and giving people who do not deserve your attention, your life energy.

Cutting attachment cords exercise:

Sit down and close your eyes. Now imagine cords coming from your body towards a situation or a person. One of those people who truly hurt you in the past. Visualize that cord strongly, acknowledge the situation(s) you experienced with that person, be grateful for the lesson and then cut the cord. Really visualize cutting that cord from your body so that there is no more attachment to that person or situation.

Then repeat this cutting attachment cord exercise with various other experiences. It can be different experiences with the same person, and once you’ve cut many different cords relating to one person, you can truly feel this attachment being released. You can do this exercise continuously for many different situations and people. However much you need! (It’s a magical form of meditation. Even play some high frequency sounds in the background if you wish).

By doing this cutting attachment cords you are bringing the power you gave away to someone else back to yourself. You are reclaiming your energy and clearing your energetic field from any past attachments.

With these 3 different ways including the exercises you can start letting go of painful former experiences in order to not bring them into your future.

If it’s related to your parents, there’s a beautiful phrase: they might have taken your childhood, but don’t let them take your adulthood. And if it’s related to toxic relationships or fake friends, do not let them have any more of your magical beautiful unique energy, and simply let them all go and keep all these experiences as lessons and opportunities to have grown as a soul.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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