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How to let go of outlets and start thriving in life

Isn’t it strange that we live in a society where people need “outlets” in order to cope and deal with living and existing? If you really think about it, how bizarre! Read on to discover what exactly it means to live with an outlet, why so many people need one and questions you can start asking yourself to start letting go of outlets in order to eventually fully let go of all outlets and start thriving.

What is an outlet?

When saying outlet, I mean anything which alters your natural state of being, any activity which has as an aim to enjoy yourself or to get over and cope with life, just for a moment : alcohol, drugs, medication, any type of substance, food, shopping, sex, excessive sport.

It does not matter which form it is, in the end of the day all of the mentioned outlets are in some sense a form of addiction which is a response to escape reality.

Isn’t it weird that so much of this is normalized in society?

I mean drinking alcohol, doing drugs, overeating and indulging is what many people do to socialize. If you are working in western society and say you don’t drink alcohol, you don’t do drugs and you are plant based, the majority of people look at you like you have a problem – are you a former alcoholic, drug addict? Are you pregnant? What’s wrong with you? When it’s actually them who can’t seem to enjoy themselves by “simply being”.

So, why does almost everybody have an outlet in this world?

That this world we live in, is not made for the human being is nothing new. Many people live lives they do not actually enjoy and thus only enjoy those moments of indulgence or where they get to numb themselves. They work excessively, numb themselves at night and look forward to the weekend where they can “get f*cked up” in order to cope with their workweek. Most people cannot even have a simple meet up without there being alcohol involved.

The most common reason is because you are living a life you hate, and don’t know how to change, so you numb yourself, you do whatever you need to cope, all because you are so disconnected to your true self.

What does it mean to be disconnected to your true self?

Being so out of touch with your true self – as you most likely were stopped from living out your true self as a young child, experienced too much trauma, and eventually let your real self fall asleep, put on what I like to call “the metaphorical mask” by pretending to be somebody in order to “fit into this society” yet by doing so you simply masked your true you more and more.

Thus you need to numb yourself, run away from your trauma and past experiences, hide your true feelings, mask yourself with more material goods, in order to cope with simply existing.

Questions to ask yourself to figure out why you have a certain outlet

So what can you do? Here are some questions you can ask yourself. The most effective way is for you to write down the answers which come to your mind.

1. What is it you are trying to hide away?

2. What are you trying to run away from?

3. What feelings are you masking?

4. Why are you trying to numb your true feelings?

5. What sadness are you trying to push away to feel joy and happiness?

6. What pain and hurt are you blocking yourself from feeling?

7. What past life situation are you running away from?

8. What internal hate are you trying to mask and not look at?

9. Is it things that happened to you?

10. Is it things you did to others or even yourself?

How do you stop having outlets?

Be kind with yourself and be aware that in order to get back to your true authentic self and eventually live through your real you and no longer need any outlet, it’s going to be quite a journey. It will first get uncomfortable, because it requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. It will require you to take of layers of ego which you have lived through, letting go of so much baggage which you’ve carried with you, letting emotions and experiences rise which you didn’t even know were there anymore and truly allowing yourself to be humble and vulnerable.

If you do decide you wish to release all outlets and live authentically, eventually, by doing your own healing work, you will rise in consciousness and certain “outlets” will eventually not even be a possibility for you anymore. It’s strange to imagine if you still enjoy certain outlets, yet one day to the next, you wont be able to drink alcohol anymore, then you wont be able to do any kind of a drug, then you wont be able to eat anything but plant based food, then you wont want to overeat anymore, then you wont have any desire for materialism, or you’ll understand that sex is an energetic transaction or you won’t run away by doing a certain sport type excessively to cope with your heavy mind. And eventually you’ll simply look for only those things which you truly need and which do not poison your inner and outer body, and only look for anything which enhances your life and existence.

In a nutshell, this is what the journey of no longer needing an outlet can look like

1. You will feel, these outlets don’t actually feel right.

2. You will no longer get the “joy” out of the outlets, it won’t be enough anymore.

3. Life will get more and more uncomfortable if you do not start making changes.

4. By starting to change certain habits, you will naturally no longer want certain outlets

5. Eventually not one of these outlets which you once enjoyed will be appealing to you, you might even be disgusted by them and wont believe you actually you “did this” to yourself at one point.

6. You will have developed such strong love for yourself, you will have healed so much within, you’re true self will have fully returned that you only desire to do things or be in environments which enhance your well being and where there are like minded people.

7. You have understanding for anyone still having an outlet, because you were once there.

Yes, this was all brutal and honest and maybe made you feel a little uncomfortable. But that’s okay, I ask questions and say things, to make people think. 😉 In the end of the day, have fun and enjoy life, whatever makes you happy which might include these outlets, however if you are not happy with life, eventually things will get so uncomfortable, that you’re only desire will be to make changes and head into a new life direction which will begin with a whole healing journey, which can take years! One where you return back to your true self in order to one day life your true purpose through your authentic real self. The beautiful thing is, this will happen naturally, so simply stay open to receiving guidance from some higher power and you will know what is right for you at this point in life.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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