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How to live in modern society after escaping the “conditioned life”?

In modern society, labels, categories and stigmas have now been placed on “being awake” and “leaving the matrix” and a false “spirituality” has been wide spread. Words which were initially a move into the right direction for humanity have become labels and categories, therefore I now use the expression “escaping the conditioned life”. It’s not a secret that modern society is a rat race, a system created long ago enslaving most human souls, and many free individuals got sucked into this laid out game. Eventually due to one catastrophic form or another those individuals “woke up” and went through the breaking down of the imposed conditioned life, also known as the process after the “dark knight of the soul”. These individuals know that the process, to living in awareness in modern society, well it is dark, despite its result being the most freeing, blissful and magical way to live for your soul. In this article we will look at how to live in modern society after having gone through the process of escaping the conditioned life. Where you can live, where you can find like-minded people, what kind of work you can do and how to simply exist in modern society once your true soul has returned to navigate your life.

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After doing the internal work, how to remain in society?

Going through what society has called a “spiritual awakening” is another term for saying “reawaking your inner child”, “waking up”, “leaving the matrix”, being so done with the life you lived, realizing you had many beliefs imposed in your subconscious mind, fueling your conscious actions. You also realize some fundamental truths about the world and focus on deeper questions like, what we as human beings are actually doing here… which is nothing more than experiencing life and growing as a soul 😉

Now the journey of “waking up your soul” after living through imposed beliefs and being “asleep” is not at all full of positivity, light and bliss. That’s the result of finally “waking up” but the path there, which takes a very long time, depending on how much damage control you’ve got to do, how many layers of conditioning you have to remove, how much reprograming of the subconscious mind you’ve got to do, how much internal healing as well as passed on genetic DNA trauma you’ve got to work through, and facing all that darkness within, well the path is so messy, scary, uncomfortable, deep, ugly, isolating and lonely (when actually doing the work). Its not at all about going to a yoga or breathwork retreat, taking ice baths and all that stuff wide spread in mainstream society nowadays (don’t get me wrong, these are great activities, but that’s what they remain, activities, like doing a form of sport releases endorphins and improves your well-being). It’s about occupying yourself with yourself alone, you facing internal YOU with no external help. Yes, it’s dark, but it’s the path to all the bliss and light.

Let’s say you went through the whole healing process, you managed to find light at the end of the tunnel, facing your shadow and making peace with your confronted darkness. Having gone through the process post, what society has called “the dark knight of the soul” and are still here, well first of all congratulations.

I am sure you have contemplated a lot about leaving society or how the hell you can remain in society. Well, you’re not alone with this thinking. You want nothing else but freedom, and to truly experience life, to do something meaningful, and be around people who share similar encounters and wisdom as you do. And most of all you want to enjoy life to the max after figuring out, there really is not much more to life than having a bunch of experiences and well enjoying those.

So you start asking yourself, do you still have to be a member of society? A society which enslaved you? Where can you live? Not agreeing with any ways of modern society and “the system”, do you go off grid? Do you move into a self-sufficing house after buying some land? If so, where can you get the money to live so independently? Do you move to the forest or jungle? As much as you want to isolate, you also want community, so where do you find these people? What job can you do? Do you start something independently? Pursue your creative passions? Start a new age healing business? Work within the system with a business? How do you remain in modern society? So, let’s have a look at these questions and hopefully by the end of it, you will feel better about your existence 😉

Before diving deep into this, I would like to highlight the difference to before you escaped the conditioned life, is that now you can choose, how you wish to interact with society, and are no longer driven by imposed subconscious beliefs. Therefore you can choose to act consciously in society, regarding what you consume, what you do, how you act etc. This is the great change to the previous way of living. You are in the same environment, yet no longer have chains driving you, but are free to drive yourself.

Thats what the whole reason of having conditioned humans is about, so that there is mass energy fueling something wanted to be called into or kept in existence. The more of us aware of our own individual power, well the more of us can choose what we fuel into existence and thus create a more beautiful life. Everything is energy, and your thoughts give energy towards something... think about that ;)

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Do you leave society, go off grid or what?

You might want to leave society, maybe even unregister yourself from the system and head to a jungle or forest or live in a van. Whilst these do sound more freeing, there are so many constraints which do not appear at first glance. There is a chance you will try one or two of these ways of living for a while, before coming back and deciding you want to co-exist with society but in a different way than before. Still being a member of modern society, you will not be able to avoid some administrational aspects, however as someone who has escaped the conditioned life, you can now stand above them and not let them control your life.

Now you can make conscious choices

A lot depends on the choices you make. Now that you live in awareness, you are in control of your own actions and choices and thus can decide to participate in putting your energy towards all those beautiful things which are driving humanity towards change collectively. And I’m not speaking about “changes spoken about in mainstream media”, I’m speaking about everything you consume and what you interact with. This being the food, drinks, clothes, beauty products you use, books you read, films you watch, connecting more with nature, hobbies and activities you practice, how you care for yourself, what you think, everything is consumption and you now get to consciously make choices what you wish to fuel.

Living situation

So regarding your living situation, it’s about finding something in the middle whilst striving towards the ultimate goal of freedom where you are so financially comfortable, that you can go and live in forest, jungle and van at your free will, whilst not having to escape society. So, no matter where you live in the world, go somewhere where you are close to nature, where you feel safe and comfortable creating an environment which allows you to work on building the live you truly desire which in effect will eventually allow you to do whatever you want whenever! And this can look different to each person, but most likely you'll want to be connected to nature somewhere.

Where to purchase items?

You will most likely no longer purchase anything in mass consumption, but find local changemakers, local experts, who grow organic food (if not home grown), who produce clothes ethically with light material, who make soaps and products in the country you reside in. Now it's not only about purchasing locally, its about purchasing consciously, what i like to call "glocally"! Locally around the globe. I'm also not speaking about all these new age vegan labeled items (labels are constraints), I'm speaking about true experts creating unique conscious items. If this topic interest you, read more in my article go conscious not vegan. The great thing is, now that you can make conscious choices, you can choose not to fuel the society which keeps people conditioned. You can choose to buy organic food, you can choose to buy clothes from local makers, you can choose to buy beauty products from natural creators. There are many local new creators, what I call 21st Century Business who are genuinely creating items which serve humanity whilst respecting the planet and animals, and with our technological advancement we can purchase these. Something which we should focus on more is the supply chain used, and not on merely purchasing locally.

No more lowering your vibration

Now that you have escaped a conditioned life, you can choose not to consume anything lowering your vibration (drugs, alcohol, substances, addictions and obsessions). As once you have left living a conditioned life, you will most likely not want to destroy or numb yourself or need to cope with existing (if you have done enough healing) therefore you won't have a desire for things which lower your state of being, because after the whole process, well you will actually want to live truly!

What you give your energy to, you help fuel into existence

All in all, you can consciously choose what you give your life force and energy to and thus, what you help fuel and grow, as we all help grow what we give our life energy to. And therefore once you are no longer living in a conditioned way, you can consciously choose what you wish to help grow. Thus, individually we can change the world collectively! Because the more people that free themselves from a conditioned life where one is driven to fuel a certain way of life (the system) the more people can fuel a new way of life (free living). This simply takes time, but eventually, I believe this is how we can collectively create a new conscious way of life.

A little side note, to living in modern society after escaping the conditioned life, if you get sick do you only go to spiritual practitioners?

Now you most likely are aware of the fact that the western medical system is a pharma fueled business, which does not have a human’s health at priority. So, you most likely want nothing to do with this industry. And well, if you are vibrating on high light frequencies then you should also not have the need to go to a doctor, as you would never get sick, however since we are all ongoingly on an evolutionary path and occasionally get sick... we might need some external help. Sometimes we might have some sport injuries, which most likely did occur to some compressed emotional reason, yet these do require some physical treatment from an osteo for example. Or sometimes we simply require a painkiller, or anesthesia, or an antibiotic, some pharmaceutical aid for our well being. Therefore, since we do not yet live in such an evolved world where every human being is full on conscious and we have integrated a new form of healing, yet are still living in modern society, well it’s about working in harmony with healing your soul, figuring out what made you sick or broke your leg, etc. and simultaneously treating the physical symptoms to lighten your state of being and the healing process, make sense? It’s about creating a harmony between healing the physical whilst doing the work of healing the emotional (spiritual) part.

Nowadays it there are so many "spiritual people" who tend to forget that we are still active in modern society, as much as we want a different society, we are still in a transitional world, so the best case scenario at the moment is to find harmony between both worlds before we enter a new way of living. And very often with all the spiritual healing practices, people forget that those who grew up in business, western environments, and you can't compare that destructive lifestyle with someone growing up in nature on a farm or doing yoga every from young on... the body is so different and messed up it requires a more gentle transition to well being. And in an ideal future, we wont be sick or have to heal from damaging ourselves during the time we were conditioned, humans can grow up differently... but that seems so far in the future still.

Where are my people?

You most likely now, have absolutely no desire to be around people who are still so stuck in the illusion of society, the system, this laid out theatre play, after you have spent years getting yourself out of it and started thriving with a new formed perspective of reality. Well, living on this planet, means you will still be confronted and around people stuck within a conditioned way of thinking within modern society. However, you don’t need to be around them for long. You can now simply interact with them, for whatever reason you have to, be a beacon of light, plant seeds and that’s it. Overtime when you get so strong in who you are, you won’t be impacted by those still stuck in what some also call “the matrix”.

After so much time in isolation, having let go of former friends, people you called friends and well, no longer engaging with people who don’t ask deeper questions, you do want to find your people. You might have even gone to various different events, festivals, workshops, gatherings, activities in hopes of connecting with like-minded people, yet you still haven’t found strong new friends. Despite your desire of being in a community with like-minded individuals who have experiences matching your frequency, first make sure you are so happy on your own, you don’t need anyone external to help you enjoy time, and eventually, you will connect with strangers who turn into your community. And you will meet these in the most coincidental manner (remember there are no coincidences, only matches to the energetic frequency you exert 😉).

What work can you do?

You ask yourself, if you too turn into a yoga teacher, a life coach, a breathwork facilitator, reiki master, etc… as those who seem to have left the conditioned life, turn to these kinds of jobs. Some have opened businesses creating products which serve well-being. You ask yourself how you can be independent and make a living, whilst also serving humanity?

Let’s say after the dark phase of destroying the conditioned you and coming back to living as free you, you got a yoga degree, or did a permaculture course, or got a breathwork facilitator certificate, and now you ask how to use this and work through that in society.

Of course if you feel this is your "calling" and you want to turn it into a business, go for it, yet most often, indirectly (even if you can't see it at first glance) you did these things to gain tools for yourself, for your own development. It doesn't necessarily need to become a business, but use the wisdom you gained to do your own yoga sessions, followed by breathwork, to find a house with a garden and start growing your own food. Use tools to develop yourself instead of turning everything into a business 😉 Eventually you can spread your wisdom to others, that’s it.

Now I know, for all my fellow people who went down a strong business path, prior to escaping the conditioned life, we do have a tendency to want to turn everything into a business, yet that too simply means there is a conditioned belief still stuck within the subconscious mind which is in need of healing and releasing. However, if you do choose to turn these practices (what in my perspective should be the actual tools to function taught growing up and not be businesses, but I won't even get started on the psychopathic, absurd school system still existing nowadays in this article) do remember, doing any of these kinds of alternative independent businesses, or even a changemaker business, you are still active within the system. All of these 21st Century businesses, require administrational contracts and all the financial aspects within modern society, even the alternative health businesses. So don’t torture yourself! Remember often it is your ego which wants to be seen, which wants to be an entrepreneur…which thinks its “helping making a change in society…".

No need to impose your wisdom, simply show others the way, by being you, by simply being a source of inspiration.

As someone who over 10 years ago, was a young successful changemaker entrepreneur, opened a business with the aim of increasing health and knowledge about energy, I promise you, the work you do keeps you so stuck in the business world and fuels the old system we all despise to much!

Let me save you some time, the best thing to do, is to find an artistic passion which you love to do (music, writing, painting, speaking, etc…) or developing a unique talent of yours, which is more spiritual, like healing through energy, channeling (activities which are not yet too recognized for their greatness) something which you feel strongly called to do and what you would love to be financially independent through (in a best case scenario situation). Don’t make the mistake of turning this into a business fueling the old system with all its money, greed and power perspective. And just in case you currently don't even know what your passion is, don't worry, try out all kinds of different things and remember, it can take some time after the destructive process of “waking up” to remember or finding what your passion actually is, so give yourself time.

Then, whilst you are developing your artistic passion, or work on figuring out what it is, find a job within society, something which you can stand behind and genuinely see is doing a good thing for the collective. Make sure it's not just any job, but something you actually stand behind. And instead of seeing it as a job, look at it as a project which you wish to help flourish, it honestly takes away the heaviness of things, especially if you previously during your conditioned life were working heavily in the corporate business world. Find a local company within the business world, (no big corporations or soul sucking multinationals), something you stand behind and genuinely want to help grow because it serves humanity in some form or another. Don’t just choose any job, because most will be soul sucking and halt your energy from developing your creative artistic work. Find something honest where you truly can stand behind and something you wish to give some of your life energy to, because you can see how it actually helps others. And I guarantee you, in these environments you will find one or two other individuals who vibe on that frequency you now live at.

It's all about you planting seeds and being a beacon of light

Now that you have done the healing work after escaping the conditioned life, you can understand that life is like a theatre play and you are the main character. Yes, you have been given some outlines & rules you need to incorporate in your play (system rules), but the story line, that remains yours now. And being consciously aware about this fact, allows you to develop your life in a way where you can play with these rules, not be bothered by them and truly live an incredible experience of life. And remember, whenever you are active in society, you do not have to engage, but can act as a beacon of light, planting seeds and helping others realize there is more to life, by simply being you 😉 Because the more of us who realize and become aware of our own individual power, the less we collectively fuel and give our life force to and help exist a system (not serving us), thus, the more we choose what we give our life energy to and help create into existence, a new way of live, serving us!

Wherever you are currently on your path, be a beacon of light and see it as a part of your journey and not the final destination. You can bring so much to where you currently stand, to the people around you, plant the seeds and spread the light, coz currently society and many other enchained souls need exactly that! And of course, we don't meet people by coincidence, so there where you currently are is exactly where you are meant to be right now.

Once you’ve gone through hell and are back in society, be a light, plant seeds, that’s it. Once again, this is why I love saying “individually we can change the world collectively”.

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel




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