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Life is a bunch of experiences allowing us to grow and evolve as a soul ( or not)

Have you ever pondered upon the existential question “what is life?” “why am I here?” “why do certain things happen?” “what does a situation mean” and on and on? Well here’s a perspective for you, maybe there is a simple explanation, life is merely a bunch of experiences allowing us, to individually grow and evolve as a soul, or not. Read on to discover more or watch the video below.

The menu of life

You can look at things in life from the perspective of choosing something from a menu. You choose the family you are born into, the parents, siblings, ancestral lines, the geographic and the societal situation. You choose our your character traits, your weaknesses, strengths, the challenges you wish to overcome and all the attributes with it. Everything you have chosen in this incarnation is done deliberately so you can experience certain situations which will allow you to undergo certain growth opportunities.

It’s our own choice if we want to grow or not

In life everyone experiences good and bad situations, the bad situations are there to allow us to grow and evolve as a soul and the good are simply there to enjoy. In the end of the day, it is up to each and everyone of us to decide for ourselves whether we want to use a situation as an opportunity to grow and evolve. We can consciously choose to not grow, however then we will keep on repeating certain situations and emotional states merely through different experiences until the day comes where we do choose to use the situation as an opportunity and grow.

3 main types of growth opportunity

1. Karmic situation. You took emotions from a previous incarnation into this one and now have the Opportunität to release and transmute them in this incarnation.

2. Generational Karmic DNA. Emotions and traumas which were passed onto you from your parents, grandparents, ancestors, those who could not transmute the emotion previously, so it gets passed onto the next generation. And if you do not do the healing and growth work, yet have a child, then it gets passed onto the next generation, until a generational member incarnates who decides to take it on, do the work and be what I like to call the “generational karmic warrior” and deals with all the built up karmic DNA.

3. Collective Karma. You might have picked up an emotion which is strongly appearing in the collective, in order to transmute it. Since we live within an energetic magnetic field, there is much emotion (energy in motion) circling around, thus many people feel the same emotions just expressed through different experiences, and we can individually help the collective by transmuting certain emotions of which we are not even sure where they came from.

What does it mean to use an opportunity to grow and evolve?

When we use an opportunity to grow and evolve, it means that we occupy ourselves which a certain emotion no matter how it decided to express itself in a situation and experience.

For example: let’s say you have an experience which makes immense amounts emotion of fear rise, and so you feel it in your whole body, your voice gets shaky, you are jumpy, you have self-doubt creep in and on and on. Regardless of what the situation was, you now, in your body feel so much fear. And don’t forget an emotion is energy in motion. Now instead of giving in to all the physical and mental symptoms associated with fear, you look at the root cause, you acknowledge and accept that you feel this massive wave of fear within you and you release it.

3 different ways to release an emotion (energy in motion):

1. You can write down everything you feel and think (journaling, mirror work, meditation)

2. You can move your body and shake it out of your cells (dancing and shaking your body, different forms of sport, yoga movements, tai chi…)

3. You can use sound healing to have the vibrational frequencies help release the information of fear within your cells (different instruments, gong baths)

There are different ways to release emotions (energy in motion) and you’ve simply got to find what works for you. Remember, we are all so different, so what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. So, try different things and see what works for you.

What happens when you choose not to use a situation as an opportunity?

Now, when you choose not to grow and evolve, but to keep that emotion within you, you block it and push it away and will find external attributes to numb yourself from that feeling and it will simply repeat over and over and you will keep on looking for different ways to numb yourself from that feeling. Since we live in a society which blocked “healing” for many, as it was seen as a sign of weakness to show emotion, there are many people who block themselves and numb themselves for years. Even thought we all have the choice to grow or not, eventually there comes a point in life, where things repeat so often and you get so annoyed about some situations, that numbing yourself no longer works and you have no choice but to look for tools how to release a certain emotion. So yes, we all do have the choice, however eventually the time comes, where we all undergo transformation, as that is one of the reasons you incarnated into the body you did.

Looking at life like this, takes away a lot of the seriousness, especially in less convenient situations. It makes it all look more like play, so have fun, enjoy life, take the “less nice” situations as learning and growth opportunities and the “nice” situations to simply enjoy life! And remember, even if many people don’t talk about it, we all feel similar low vibrational emotions, simply expressed through different experiences 😉

We are all connected and all doing our part individually for the collective. In the end of the day, don’t forget we are all here together on this planet and by each of us doing the work individually, we are helping the world on a collective level. Which is why I like to say individually we are changing the world collectively.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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