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The beauty in the simplicity of observing the clouds | POETRY

Flying over the clouds recently, I observed the movement and formation of clouds following a sunrise. For hours I simply watched nature and some words came to me which I put into a little poem which you can read below. This poem aims to serve as a little reminder of how powerful the simple, free acts in life such as observing nature can truly be, especially for all the westerners who tend to rush through life. I hope you enjoy these words.

The sun shines and reflects As light detects

The smallest riffles and waves All the time, all days

Some resemble a heard of sheep With intense changing colors of which some are truly deep

Others look like waves in the ocean Or as if sand blew over the Sahara Desert in slow motion

The static and hard shapes Move so slowly from which wild beauty creates

They look so solid and remaining Yet serve as a reminder that nothing stays and everything is constantly changing

With the light of the sun, their magnificence is illuminated Which is when you notice, that whatever one wishes to do, can through willpower simply be created

So impressive and firm from above Yet made of almost nothing, soft and filled with only tiny atoms and a lot of love

What a peaceful spectacle you can freely enjoy, if only everything rushing in your mind you can forget Coming from the simplicity of observing clouds, in the sunrise or sunset

Whenever you get the chance, either from above or from the earth, take half an hour or even hour and do absolutely nothing but observe clouds. It's in the simply acts of life where true magic and beauty can be found at all times.

We are generation change.

Enjoy, Yours truly,

© Isabel


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