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The only way OUT, is THROUGH! | Metaphor

A little metaphor for those moments when you are having a rough time and don't know what to do. The only way to get through a situation is to go and grow through it!

Imagine you walk to an airport and are given a plane to fly. You have been given preparation as well as possible. Since nature does what it wants you cannot foresee what exactly will happen, but you’ve been given the tools to navigate through clear weather and stormy weather.

You get it and start flying, it’s a regular day a few clouds in the sky and you fly. Your navigating quite well and enjoying the flight because you’ve got this pretty good. Time passes by like this for a while, and your loving the flight.

In the far distance you can see some clouds rising. The more you fly the more you see these massive grey thunderstorm clouds approaching you and you realize there is no way to avoid them, you literally have no choice but to go through them, they are all around you all of a sudden.

You enter the thunderstorm clouds and the plane starts to wobble, everything is shaking, you see lightning flashes around you. You are gripping so tightly to the steering wheel hoping that nothing happens.

You start to doubt yourself, if you even have the tools to get through THIS storm… this is nothing compared to what you have been prepared for. You know you have no choice but to get through it.

You start getting really scared, you are alone and have nobody but yourself to rely on this to get through.

Now you are sitting there holding on tighter than you could imagine and bawling your eyes out, praying and praying even though you don’t believe in any religion… you get this sensation though that maybe you might make it through, and ask yourself where does this feeling come from? Is there maybe something greater out there? But that’s got nothing to do with any religions… it’s just coming from your gut… AAAAAA whatever it is, its that little bit of light, of hope that’s holding you on from not giving up.

You don’t think your gonna make it through but you continue and continue like this for a very long time.

Eventually, you make it into lighter clouds, the plain stops shaking and there, in the horizon is a bit of bright blue. The further you fly the closer you get to the bright blue and the bigger it becomes and BAM!

Everything is calm, its so quiet, and so bright. You have made it out of the thunderstorm and in front of you is a pure blue sky and you start to cry, out of happiness this time! You made it!

You didn’t think you could, you didn’t even have the tools to get you through THIS kind of weather, but you made it. You believed in yourself and you continued.

Now you know, even the storms which seem so dark and unbearable making you think you can’t get through them, are no longer a threat to you, because you are stronger than you can imagine.

This metaphor can be applied to any situation in life. You can be as prepared as you can for any situation, but only in the darkest moments you'll be tested and there none of the preparation can be of help, the only thing you can rely on then is your gut ;) So ensure you have a clear connection to your intuition / gut / your true you in order to be guided when you need to!

We are generation change!

Enjoy, yours truly

© Isabel


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