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4 ways to let go of any kind of fear!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Fear, one of the most uncomfortable feelings one can experience. No matter the type of fear, how large it is and what amplitude it has, fear takes over your complete body, almost paralyzing your actions and clear thoughts. What if we approach the term “fear” differently and try to accept, understand and even use it as an opportunity to grow as a human being? In norm, we only fear what we don’t understand, what is completely new to us, what we have preconceptions and judgments towards or strong belief programs and behavioral patterns towards. By being conscious of a fear, becoming aware of it and where it comes from, you can take action to transform this fear and let go of any fear in your life!

To let go of fear, it’s important to acknowledge it and truly become aware of what it is in order to figure out where it comes from. Once you can identify where the fear comes from you can train yourself to release this fear. So in this article I will be putting forward 4 main general categories where any kind of fear can stem from for you to identify where your fear might be coming from. Then I will suggest how to release it. I hope this helps you identify and let go of fear within you, as the experience of live is just so incredible when living through the vibration of love and not fear. Please know, you have the choice, ability and are powerful enough to let go of kind of fear residing within you!

What is fear and why do we become scared?

Fear is an emotion running through our body creating a physical feeling of discomfort and this usually stems from a happening or experience on a mental level. We can be speaking of any kind of fear, the fear towards a wild animal, the fear of the dark, the fear of administrational business, the fear of a person, the fear of height, any kind of fear. Usually anything we think of comes from a subconscious belief program. This can be an imposed program from our childhood (belief systems imposed on us) or passed on karmic genetic DNA (memories which aren’t ours), a too narrow-minded perception of reality, unhealed inner child wounds from this and / or previous lives (experiences we reacted to and created an emotion towards and is now stuck within us) as well as simply being an empath absorbing the energy (thus fear) of those in your environment.

Why is it not favorable for us to live with fear?

Well aside from mentioning the obvious, it feels absolutely terrible, on an energetic level, when you are having fear within you, the cells in your body are vibrating on a low frequency, spiraling down negative thoughts and actions and thus creating less favorable experiences in your life. It is also in this vibration where you are more “controllable” into thinking a certain way, allowing your subconscious mind to be “brainwashed” by any outer sources. Hence where the saying in geopolitics comes from “spread fear onto society so you can control them”...

When fear resides within us, we often don’t think from our “higher selves” but are merely “reacting” from our ego-based selves and thus can adopt any way of thinking, or be directed a certain path because in this state we are controllable and not functioning from a peaceful manner.

“We always have two choices in life. Acting out of love or fear“ Isabel

What is fear teaching us?

Everything in life is there to allow us to grow more as a soul. As we are all the universe merely experiencing planet earth through the lens of the unique human vessel we are each individually given, every situation simply allows us to further experience life and grow as a soul, hence there is no good and bad experience. Being human, we are easily prone to emotions. Now emotions are nothing more than “energy in motion” so whenever there is a “fear” within us it is “an energy in motion” bringing awareness or something which requires our attention to us through physical feeling (emotion).

“fear is an opportunity for us to grow as a soul”

Technically fear is there as an opportunity, raising awareness through discomfort for us to realize that it is time for us to transform this feeling of fear and let go of an experience or thought pattern or integrate love and understanding into something.

Sometimes fear is implemented so deep within our being, we might not even be aware of the actual reason for this fear and eventually in life this can be translated into rushes of anxiety, depression, paralysis etc. Eventually unknown fears can take over actions and our lives so here we will look at 4 different categories where any kind of fear can stem from and then we will look how to release them and let them go!

1. Subconscious belief systems and imposed belief patterns & behavioral programs

2. Non-understanding & too condensed perception of reality

3. Unhealed inner child wounds

4. Taking on the fear of others

1. Subconscious belief systems and imposed belief patterns & behavioral programs

What: We have strong judgments, opinions and fears about certain things because of what we “think we believe”.

We judge something and this comes from programs in our belief system which trained our subconscious mind to consciously judge a situation or fear about a person or thing. This might not even be a thinking pattern which is true to our own nature, but it can be one which was imposed onto us by society, school, family, friends, media any outside influence. Equally it is possible for us to carry thinking and behavioral patterns genetically through “karmic DNA”. In this case it was not “our doing” that caused us to think in a certain way but it is merely our job to transform this “feeling” which was passed on to us.

Release: Do everything you judge and fear! This will release the fear associated to the experience / action.

Judgment is nothing else than fear towards something you do not understand or have a subconscious limitation towards. When thinking of the fact that we are all, and everything is connected it is easier to accept everyone and everything, thus allowing us to move through live without judgement and opinions. Judgement is nothing more than beliefs which we integrated into our subconscious. Often these were formed at a young age, creating subconscious thought patterns making it hard to identify their source. But once we look at “what do I judge / fear XY” and then ask “why did I Judge / fear XY?” when being honest with yourself, you will quickly feel an answer within you and then all you have to do is, physically do what you judge / fear. This creates understanding about the situation from another perspective allowing your understanding of things to develop further and therefore takes away any feeling of fear & judgment.

2. Non-understanding & too condensed perception of reality.

What: When we do not understand something we can become “hostile” towards something or a situation.

Very similar to the first point, this also has a lot to do with how our subconscious mind is programmed and thus how we experience life consciously. When we don’t understand something, it is usually a natural reaction to “not like it”. Naturally, we fear things we do not understand, this is one of the roots of ignorance, to simply reject something which is not understood simply because it is different towards us.

Release: Occupy yourself and learn about that which you do not understand, become its friend!

By occupying yourself with matters which you do not understand you are increasing your level of compassion for others and putting yourself “in others shoes”. When you gain more knowledge about something you did not understand you will be less likely to reject it and it will increase your perception of reality and level of consciousness as you have integrated new knowledge and therefore increased your awareness.

3. Unhealed inner child wounds

What: In a certain situation, we are “reacting” out of memory instead of being present and observing the situation for what it is.

When we react (with strong emotion such as anger for example) instead of being present observing a situation it means we an emotional bond towards this situation. This, because we find ourselves in a similar situation to one, which in the past caused a very painful deep wound within our inner child. For example, growing up you might have been mocked or belittled or whatever happened and this can have wounded your inner child. Since you did not deal with this wound (most likely because society didn’t teach you how to) you shoved it to the side and took these wounds with you, carrying them for so many years through your life and because they were never looked at and healed these wounds.

When we have inner child wounds, we often “react” and no matter how old we get, we will still “react like a kid” to certain situations. These are signs of an unhealed inner child and when left unresolved you can create immediate reactions of fears towards certain situations because of a past experience which is left unhealed (and the expression of fear and anger in this case happens because your true self wants your conscious attention, so you can approach the unhealed inner child wound, heal it and let go of the fear!)

Release: Meet your inner child, from your “inner adult self”. Give yourself a hug, a smile, that love, be there for yourself!

Visualize traveling back in time when certain “wounds” were created, and imagine your “adult self” meeting your “inner child” and giving it a hug, telling it, it is loved, be there for your inner child self and allow yourself to let go of inner wounds. (You can even draw a picture of your little child self being met by your now adult self, giving it all the love, it needed back in the day.) Remember at younger times in our lives, we did not have the “conscious” capacity to understand certain harms caused by others. If we do come to the conscious understanding of this, then it is up to us to heal any inner child wounds which will allow us to release fears which lie deep within us.

4. Taking on the fear of another

What: Being an empath you feel the emotions of others and have absorbed the fear of those in your environment.

Some people are highly empathic and can literally feel the energy of other people. For these kinds of empaths when not knowing how to use their “ability” very often they end up sucking up the “negative” energies of those people in their environment which can make them feel depleted or feel fear, anxiety and all these uncomfortable feelings which do not belong to them. This can stay within them for years, without figuring out where the source of this fear comes from, when in actual fact it was just “picked up” from another person and does not even belong to you. Sometimes you may find yourself in a family environment, friendship group, relationship or any kind of social gathering and you can strongly notice how your energy changes depending on who you are with. It is strongly advised to surround yourself in environments which make you feel good and light and full of love and not those which make you feel heavy, scared and anxious. Once again, since everything we do in life allows us to grow as a soul, we often experience being in environments which are toxic for us, in order for us to stand up for ourselves and walk our own path alone!

A beautiful metaphor which describes this perfectly is: In a bowl of fruit, if one fruit is moldy it will very quickly mold all the other ripe fruit in the bowl and the whole bowl will very quickly be moldy. So, walk away from the bowl of fruit whenever there is a moldy fruit!

Release: Learn how to use energy and how to protect yourself from absorbing others energy.

Occupy yourself with energy transformation, healing, meditation and any form of art in which you can transform the energy from those around you. Use visualization tools for your own protection for example imagine having white or gold light around you. Start using sage to clean your energetic space or chanting protection mantras and work with crystals. Equally if you ever find yourself in an environment which is bringing down your energies, learn to leave immediately!

“Do things out of love and compassion, do things you judge and fear, occupy yourself with things you do not understand and meet your own inner child with all the love and healing it requires.” Isabel

In the end of the day, these 4 categories are all interlinked, because what everything comes down to, is this feeling that everything and everyone is connected. Once we turn inwards and face all limiting beliefs stuck within our subconscious mind and are capable of transforming these (in modern language known as: by dealing with our issues) we start living at a “higher frequency” which allows us to consciously act different, to consciously act out of love and our true selves.

I would like to highlight, healing fears and transforming then into love takes time. Since life is cyclic fears you might have let go of might come back into your life to test you, to see if you have grown and learnt the lesson, not because “it’s back” but merely too see if you integrated love into that part of you which was fear.

The exterior experience of life is merely a reflection of what is going on within you. Any fear in your life is making you aware of something which wants to be transformed internally. Face inward to make external changes and let go of all fear within and learn how to not take on any emotion and feelings of fear which do not belong to you. This is one of the most freeing experiences we can make, to ride on the frequency of love and let go of all subconscious limitations and any external circumstances.

We can always take one of two choices in life, one stems from feelings of love and the other comes from feelings of fear. Both create many different emotions within us through two completely different experiences in life.

In the end of the day, everything in life is there to help us grow as a soul. Any situation is there as an opportunity to allow us to became a greater version of ourselves! So embrace any challenges in life and if you are currently experiencing fear, remember you are not alone, so many of us experience similar feelings, use it as an opportunity to grow something within you so you can transform that place of fear with love! And when in doubt remember we are only given experiences in life which we can handle 😊

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel


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