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Breathtaking perspectives whilst taking a boat ride from Malta to Gozo

Gozo being located 5km from Malta which is about half an hour with a boat, it goes without saying that when visiting the island, a day trip to Gozo should be on the list. Conveniently car ferries, such as the gozochannel, go back and forth from Malta and Gozo allowing you to easily continue exploring the island driving around, in case you took a car rental.

The views over the Mediterranean are truly breathtaking and extremely energizing and taking a boat around this precious island allows you to see many different historical monuments, such as the Citadel and plenty of coastal towers from the perspective of the sea. To top it of, for all the mystery seekers it allows you to relax on the deck and ponder upon some legends you might have picked up on the way from locals whilst enjoying the beautiful environment.

Looking over these breathtaking sites of the island as well as the Mediterranean I couldn’t help but ponder on a few stories and legends I came across in Malta. Some say Gozo, Comino and Malta were once one main land and these three known locations were merely the mountain peaks of the main land. Looking at how close the islands are located and the similarities of ancient structures they all have, it does make me ponder upon this though quite profoundly! I love hearing stories from locals, reading diverse books to find as much information as I can and eventually form my own opinion about something. By simply observing one can learn so much and taking such a beautiful boat ride whilst contemplating on different legends, stories and facts is extremely relaxing yet enriching!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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