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The walls of the Knights | Malta

These ancient city walls along Valletta, also known as the walls of the knights are the most important fortifications in Malta, once serving as protection of the island. Today they offer a fascinating insight into the past as well as an incredible view over the Grand Harbor and it comes to no surprise they are part of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The idea for the fortification stems from 1524, from St John of Jerusalem. After the attack on Malta of the Ottoman force in 1551 and a few first attempts to build a wall protecting the island, Malta received financial help from Europe and the fortifications were built. Designed by an Italian engineer, Francesco Laparelli, sent on command from the Pope himself, the fortifications were built in a way to protect the island, yet also include a harbor for their ships. Construction was ongoing for years but gave Malta strong significance in Europe! In the renaissance, Valetta in Malta, as well as Nicosia in Cyprus, were seen as ideal examples of cities in Europe strongly due to their protection system, their built fortifications. For a long time these walls were used by the knights of Malta to protect the island.

In the late 18th Century when Napoleon invaded Malta, it did not take long for the French to be blocked in the harbor area as a form of resistance from the Maltese, Neapolitan, Portuguese and British support. This emphasizes on the intelligent structure of these fortifications.

Up until today there are constant modifications taking place on these fortifications and it was only in 2014 were the city gate was rebuilt.

Located right at the water today from the Walls there is an incredible overview of the grand harbor at day and night.

These walls hold so much history you can spend hours reading diverse information let alone stroll along these walls finding so much interesting information! As they saying goes “if these walls could speak” is an extremely relevant one to the fortification in Malta.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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