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Cupcakes, Vogue and natural Nail Polish! Welcome to the Nail Bar in Switzerland

How the @Nailbar is keeping Switzerland up-to-date with International trends

When International concepts start growing in Switzerland, it’s always exciting!

Nail bars can be found in most countries around the world for affordable prices, it’s become a mainstream thing internationally. Not in Switzerland!

Up until recent years, the only option you had of getting your nails done in Switzerland were quite expensive in general beauty salons with only a small product range to choose from.

Then, in 2010, two Swiss entrepreneurs come along with the first @Nailbar in Switzerland, Romandie! Providing the service of entering a Nailbar without taking an appointment and spending an acceptable amount of money for it.

Today, 2019, there are more than 15 Nailbars in the whole of Switzerland!

It's individuals like these two entrepreneurs who take the daring plunge of spicing up Switzerland, and keeping the country up-to-date with International trends.

Natural nail polish @Nailbar

As many of us are getting more conscious about what chemicals are in our beauty products, especially in nail polish, many of us are looking for alternative nail products with no toxins or at least as little toxins as possible.

“Our nails are just as important as our skin and as what we put inside our body. It’s all part of the human organism!”

The Nailbar has a collaboration with the brand @kureBazaar, a company founded by a former model who was in search for natural nail products and created her own line!

The Nailbar in Lausanne Bongenie

@KureBazaar The Good Nail Philosophy

As, the founder, the model Kartika, was pregnant she realized all of the nail polish available in stores was full of toxins, which in effect is something her baby would absorb. Instinctively she was drawn to go with natural beauty products.

She soon came to realize, how hard it is to find affordable and accessible natural beauty products, especially nail polish, so she decided to revolutionize the Nail Polish Industry and so she created an all-natural Nail Care line!

“It all started when I became more conscious of what I put in my body” Kartika

On top of natural nail polish, she also created natural nail polish remover! This is revolutionary. The nail polish remover smells so fresh, it gives you the impression you could actually drink it. That's when you know it's a natural nail polish remover!

Main Highlights @KureBazaar nail polish:

It’s the nail polish for the next generation!

The colours remain fresh and vibrant whilst using an Eco-Natural Formula.

Respects the natural cycle of the nail regeneration.

Based on cotton, wheat and potatoes.

No toluene, no chemicals, no synthetic camphor, no formaldehyde, no dibutyl phthalate!

Up to 90% Natural!


Over 300 vibrant colours to choose from.

You can order the nail polish on the website:

Or simply head over to your nearest @Nailbar and choose one of the many colours provided!

Spring 2019 New Colour Palette ~ New Rose ~

@KureBazaar made these beautiful new natural colours, inspired by the sweetness of nature.

The new Rose colours

Meet Zoe, Vogue and Blush <3

Posing Vogue, wearing Vogue

Here you can see what the colour Vogue looks like when applied. It’s such a beautiful rich and royal tone of cherryred! The best thing is, that your nails actually feel like they can breathe!

Being able to wear a beautiful nail polish, to love the look & feel of the nails and know that it is healthy and natural…this is revolutionary!

Did you know? @Nailbar own product line

A little extra about the Nailbar, not only have they opened the brow bar, expanding the international trends on Swiss grounds, but they also have their own product line. @Nailbar Handcreme, made in Switzerland!

Nailbar own product line

The Nailbar is such a success, its opening more and more stores all around Switzerland. After conquering the French part of Switzerland, the Nailbar is strongly positioning itself in the German part too!

21st Century Service @NailBar

With so many international workers living in Switzerland especially Romandie, this 21st century service which allows workers to get a Mani-Pedi without appointment fitting in their busy working schedule, the nail Bar is bringing a 21st Century service to 21st Century workers in Switzerland.

21st Century Product @KureBazaar

It is revolutionary, to have nail polish and nail polish remover with a significantly reduced amount of chemicals inside. It is what the 21st Century person wants. Products coming from a more conscious perspective. Gorgeous and fun colours whilst our nails can breathe and feel alive!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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∞Lausanne Bongenie:


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