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Energize on the Glacier de Moiry

There are many incredible locations in nature in Switzerland which are not only a true visual spectacle, but also a path full of strong energizing qualities. The hike up to the Glacier de Moiry is one of these unique locations which leaves you feeling completely revitalized and energized.

The hike up to the Glacier from the Lac de Moiry is simply breathtaking! The views over the lakes and of the mountains around you are extremely colorful and spectacular. It is a very comfortable hike and if you are lucky like I was there will be almost no one on the path allowing you to be fully immersed with nature. Make sure to stop often and simply admire the beauty around, and since the weather can change so quickly with fast movements of the clouds, the colors of the surroundings equally change, making the journey all the more beautiful.

At one point you will get to the top of the mountain and if I am not mistaken to proceed and cross the Glacier you need to go with a guide. As an adventurer myself, I wanted to go, however since there are many Glacier holes which can often be unseen, it is smarter to go with a guide if you do wish to cross the Glacier. On the other hand you can also access this incredible view by taking a route on the opposite side of the Glacier where you will end up at a the Cabane de Moiry where you can not only sleepover but also simply stop to eat and drink whilst observing this view. For more information click here.

Further Information

Access by car: There is a free parking called “Place parking Glacier du Moiry” from which you can start your hike all the way to the Glacier.

Equally there is also a bus going up to the top.

Duration: 3 hours from the parking to the Glacier and down again. Equally there are many other paths to hike on the mountain.

What to take: even if the sun is shining it can get a bit windy, so take a jacket and something to cover your ears.

Food and drinks: There is a cabane which you can access from one side (the left one facing the Glacier) towards the Glacier where you can eat and drink. Equally there is a buvette right at the beginning of the Lake and further down near the dam there is also a restaurant.

Extra tipp: Another little tipp for extra mountain energy, take a glass bottle and drink the water in the river coming right from the source - it is simply incredible and energizing!

If you are looking to energize, either alone or with other people, this is one of these incredible locations, where simply by walking the area you will be fueled with energy. And when stopping to mesmerize the Glacier you will be filled with magical energy.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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