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Exploration is Education

There is so much one can learn about the world and about themselves simply by exploring. Exploring allows you to learn through nature, to gain insights about true happenings by mingling with locals, observing and listening, it is the highest form of education. Most children don’t like school, and most people growing up did not foster who they truly are, but had to conform to this one “norm” of being which over time caused them to block who they truly are. Many of these people eventually undergo real traveling adventures, to learn about the world, about themselves and what they truly want at some point in their life. Wouldn’t it be great if from the start a new form of education can be put in place, one fostering individual strengths which stems from exploring from early on? Read on to find out how.

Learning through solo exploration

The best way to learn about the world and yourself is to travel alone. Talking to strangers, which allows you to learn about others reality, listening to true stories and hearing global insights about past and current happenings. Being in nature and in completely different cultures in order to raise your perspective of reality and learn about different ways of being. Doing things that scare you and that you might have always wanted to do but had internal blockages stopping you from living them out. Letting go of all the fears, the internal hurts and pains which over time might have transformed into blockages making you limit yourself by not going out there and seeing the world. Instead of traveling with someone else, going beyond your own limitations and dare to live an adventure out there alone, in order to grow as a human being and gain new experiences which in the end is true wealth and richness. You will meet people along the way 😉

To travel alone, really is a luxury and a form of freedom. This kind of traveling which is true education, truly does not require much money, it simply requires courage, and a humble approach of how you travel (including transport, accommodation, food and drinks). This has nothing to do with the resorts and luxury traveling, I’m speaking about seeing the world for its authentic truth, the beautiful and less beautiful, the one which allows you to truly grow.

Traveling to reconnect to your true self and your true passions

Traveling alone, allows you to reconnect or simply strengthen the connection with your inner voice (your gut feeling), to return to who you truly are, who you were before you became that “character” you played for so long in society.

There are many people, who tend to go on life explorations to “find themselves” to “heal” to “understand what they actually want to do in life”. It doesn’t seem that this is a new concept within society, it is merely because we live in such technological advancement that through different means of communication nowadays this perspective is shared. Some stop their jobs after years of being “a corporate machine”, sell all their belongings and go off to travel. Others take a year off and travel – that “sabbatical”, some work half a year and travel half a year, others relocate to a completely different culture and work path to experience a new form of life. Whatever it is, it seems to come down to one point, that as a child the individual couldn’t be their true selves, had to adapt to society and started playing this character to conform to society. So wouldn’t it be great if from the start, humans can all simply be who they truly are.

A new form of education

What is the actual purpose of education? Isn’t it to prepare an individual how to navigate through the world by being themselves, their authentic true selves, doing their passion as their “job” and being a human being with kindness and love towards others and the world itself, no? Of course, we do not yet live in such an ideal world and people should have a “survival guide” into how to navigate through this society. But lets for a moment imagine that by creating new forms of education a new future can be created with potentially a new structure of living.

How can one advance their natural abilities and enhance their knowledge authentically? By going out into the world, exploring, discovering historic locations, observing, researching, being in nature, seeing what they are drawn to naturally and what truly interests them, falling on their nose & learning how to get back up -alone-, truly finding where their true passions and desires lie. Where their strengths and weakness are which are found through explorations and then fostered depending on what we individually desire.

So maybe it's time we put an end to this old scholar educational structure (public and private) of imposing onto them old rules and ways of being, which has been running its course for 100s of years, stemming from clergy days. This system is truly not adapted, which does not prepare an individual for the real world, nor how to be a human being functioning in harmony with all around them, all living beings as well as with nature.

Children and school

Almost all children do not like school, they hate it, they want to be out there, running around, exploring. Some want to sit under a tree and observe insects or clouds, others crave to read books about all sorts of topics, some act out imaginative scenarios, others play instruments, others count rocks and are fascinated by numbers, others love to paint and so on and on. When a child is left alone in nature it will tend to the things which speaks to them individually and authentically. All children need is support, love and safety. An environment in which their individuality and their strengths are seen and fostered, not one where a certain norm of being is imposed on them.

The saying “the children are the future generation” keeps on being renewed, well how about we allow humans to be humans to create a better future collectively.

Different forms of education

Next to public and private schools, nowadays there are alternative schools such the Rudolf Steiner school or home schooling to name a few structures. There are different alternatives to traditional schools but most alternatives which allow a freer way of thinking, learning and growing as a human being isolate a child from social environments, or require the parents’ full attention, which in the world we still live in is extremely hard.

Since the current structure of the system still exists, and simply creating another “school system” is nothing else but creating the same structure masked differently, maybe the key is to no longer participate, to create a form of “exploration is education activity” which can be legally accepted, where eventually more and more children will be allowed to participate in. All whilst allowing these old school and education structures to crumble. This will in effect change the way the system functions in future, it will allow independent and loving individuals to be.

In order for new structures to be put in place, for the collective system to be adapted in society it requires enough people taking action, it requires changes in how the system works, notably letting the current system crumble completely and allowing new beautiful ways of living, being put in place. One where the human being, all living beings and a collective harmony is put at priority, and most of all with a more open minded, love oriented way of thinking. Individually we can change the world collectively.

We are generation change!

Enjoy, yours truly

© Isabel


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