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The Secret Hike to Pertuis d'Aveneyre | Romandie, Vaud Switzerland

There is an incredible, less known hike, up to a mountain peak called Pertuis d’Aveneyre, in the canton Vaud, the Romandie and French speaking part of Switzerland. A little further up from Montreux which gives you not only breath taking views of the Lac Leman but also incredibly uplifting energy due to what the surrounding mountains emit.

The hike itself is an adventure, going over rivers, through forests and taking steep climbs before reaching the top of the peak. As this area is less known, you might be lucky like me and have this trail all to yourself (from beginning to end) with only animals, insects and nature in your environment. The silence and feeling of peace is absolutely indescribable!

Raise your energy

This location has such an impressive energy, simply looking at the mountains around you as well as the spectacular view will fuel you and raise your energy instantly. When reaching the top of the mountain peak, just sit there, try not to think of anything and simply observe this beauty of nature.

Access - location to start this hike:

The easiest way to get up to this location is by car. Following the direction to "Pertuis d'Aveneyre, 1844 Villeneuve" you will head up the mountain for a good 40 minutes from the city Villeneuve. You can park the car at this small parking called "Igloo", just in front of "Col de Chaude". From there walk down the main road for about 50 meters before coming across the start of the path on the actual mountain, and enjoy the journey!

Remember, go out there and explore alone, that’s where adventure happens.

We are generation change! Enjoy, yours truly © Isabel aka Swissundercover


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