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Fete de Vigneron 2019 | The Opening Spectacle

From the 18th of July until 11th of August 2019, in the city of Vevey, Canton Vaud, Switzerland, the12th Edition of the Fete des Vignerons takes place in a huge arena right at the shore of the famous Lake Geneva “Lac Leman”.

Important points

2019 is the 12th edition.

Occurs every 20 to 25 years.

∞Fete des Vignerons is listed in UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, being the first Swiss event listed.

∞During the 25 days of the Event there are about 20 Shows varying day and night.

∞Tickets for the shows vary between 80CHF and 350CHF.

∞There are 3 “cortèges” (opening walks) with all participants and animals walking around the town of Vevey: Thursday 18.07.19; Saturday 27.07.19; Saturday 03.08.19

∞About 20’000 visitor’s daily.

∞The arena was constructed only for the Fete des Vignerons.

A little History about the Fete des Vignerons

Organized by “the brotherhood of winegrowers” since 1797 the festival has occurred 11 times in history and 2019 is its 12th edition.

Initially it took place to celebrate and reward the hardest working winegrowers in Switzerland with the aim to improve their farming methods.

To get an idea of how this event evolved, the second edition in 1819 was 2 days long and there were 730 “figurants” (actors) for an arena seating 2000 people. Today, for the 12th edition in 2019 which is 25 days long, there are over 5000 “figurants”(actors) for an arena seating 20’000 people.

In 1905 for the seventh edition, it was the first time women and girls could also participate.

What’s the spectacle about?

In the heart of Vevey, a city rich with Swiss history, an arena was built on the “Place du Marché” where the Fete des Vignerons has already occurred in the previous editions in the 20th Century.

The spectacle itself speaks about the seasonal process of wine growing. This is explained by a young girl “Julie” and her grandfather who observe the whole process. More than just expressing the life cycle of winegrowing, many themes about life are touched on making it an interesting show with a human approach.

With a duration of 2 to 3 hours, the whole story is translated into music and art, with over 20 different visual themes offering you an unforgettable show!

Extra Information about the Arena and the Spectacle

There are 8 towers, 30m high which purely have the use of being the speakers for the spectacle. This ensures a surround sound system.

The LED floor: the biggest in Europe and constantly changes theme.

The “Figurants”/ Actors: Over 5000 locals, from children to the elder, musicians to lawyers. People from the whole nation have participated at the event.

Some are singers and perform in beautiful choirs around the arena. Others have small roles. So many diverse figurants participate. Even animals participate!

This historical event being almost a month long, has turned the city of Vevey into the city of “Fete des Vignerons”. This gives every visitor of the city the opportunity to be part of this unique event with or without watching the spectacle. From food and beverage stands, to swimming in the lake, to attractions, to clubs, to wine caves, the city is full of exciting things to do during this event!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder



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