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How to let go of making assumptions and projections

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

To make assumptions is something many people do automatically and unconsciously. To assume something is an emotional reaction which ultimately is happening nowhere else but in our minds. Assumptions are caused by unhealed wounds from the past and conditioned believe systems stagnant in our subconscious mind. This leads to projections onto present life situations. Causing much unnecessary pain and misunderstanding for many people, wouldn’t it be nice if one could simply observe any given situation for what it is, without having an emotional reaction to it? Thus, to stop assuming the worst and to stop projecting onto life situations? Read on to find out how.

What exactly is an assumption?

An assumption is to believe something based on an idea we think is true. For example:

Let’s say, a friend of yours all of a sudden is ignoring you out of the blue. Because in the past you have made the experience that when someone ignores you, it means bad news came and you were hurt, you immediately link “he is ignoring me” to “something bad is going to happen”. This, because in your subconscious mind you have associated this behavior (coming from a different person) with a previous life experience you have had, which developed into a belief and has transformed into a truth for you (only for you).

An assumption is based on an old fear or wound stagnant within our subconscious mind – its this fear feeling within, you truly can feel this when certain situations trigger that unhealed emotionally charged wound within.

These assumptions then cause you to project onto a given situation, which might have similar traits to the situation which caused your pain, yet actually has nothing to do with it. Which is resulting in you projecting an idea of something you believe to be true, onto a given situation.

Why do people do this?

Our minds are extremely fascinating intelligent mechanisms, and it is said most go through life using 5% of the conscious mind and 95% of the subconscious mind. Meaning most live through life acting from conditioned believe systems in the subconscious minds and very few actually live through objective awareness of the present moment.

An assumption comes from conditioned beliefs which are located in our subconscious mind. These beliefs can stem from teachings from our childhood, the environment we grew up in as well as theories we have created in our subconscious minds which can be the result of unhealed wounds from life experiences. These experiences and beliefs of your emotional, unhealed parts within stemming from the past have then turned into projections onto present day life situations.

How can people stop doing this?

First, it’s about becoming aware that you are doing this. Awareness of our actions and thoughts is really the beginning of everything (and as a side note, this can eventually lead you to living a life in full awareness). You can practice becoming aware, when you are in a state over overthinking and start projecting and assuming something related to a given situation. Then try to simply become aware in that moment that you are projecting and assuming due to an emotional reaction internally and not because of what is actually happening externally. The feelings you feel within are the same you felt in a previous situation which caused the initial trauma / wound / pain and is merely projected onto this new situation, but has nothing to do with it.

“In simple words, become aware of your thoughts and take any situation for what it is.”

When following the saying “to become aware of ourselves” we can say that to not make assumptions merely means having to learn how to be aware of our thoughts. Then to figuring out why we are projecting these assumptions onto life situations and from which unhealed parts of ourselves they truly stem from. This will allow you to then start healing old wounds in order to have no more emotional reaction towards a present-day situation which trigger these wounds. Easier said than done as this process takes time.

“We see things not AS they are but as WE are.

This quote translated into other words really says, you create scenarios as well as reality itself in your head based on your perception of things stemming from your life experiences which are often driven through the emotional force of your internal state of being.

It all comes down to healing all of your internal traumas, hurts, pains, wounds whatever you wish to call it, which create these emotional feelings stemming from previous situations. (Which is ultimately nothing more than energy in motion, which in this case is expressed as an ugly uncomfortable feeling, as it mainly means the energy within is stagnant and not in motion.)

That’s why healing old wounds is so important, in order to be able to go through live with anything thrown at you and simply take things as they are and not through the lens of your unhealed self. Ultimately this will lead you into an evolved version of yourself which can allow you to live life in full awareness.

If you have resonated with what has been written here, next time you make an assumption, try to catch yourself in the given moment. Then try to become aware of the fact that you are projecting and assuming and try to take a step back where you can observe your emotions and where they truly originate from.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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