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Keep cool and use a PRANAMAT ECO

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Your at home massage and acupuncture set!

Let me introduce you to Pranamat ECO which is a therapeutic massage mat and pillow which creates euphoria, releases endorphins, improves your overall wellbeing and sets-free pain or muscle strains through the form of acupressure.

Our bodies are full of meridians and when these are well balanced, energy can flow smoothly throughout the whole body. It is said pain is the result from blocked meridians, causing energy to not flow correctly. With acupressure (which is a form of acupuncture without the needles but using tiny spikes), pressing on the right meridians in your body, energy can flow freely again, releasing any pain.

How does Pranamat work?

The spikes on the mat help stimulate the energetic flow through the body, by pressing onto your meridians and unclogging any area of the body in order for energy to flow freely again.

There are other various benefits from lying or standing on the mat. It helps release muscle strains, diverse pains, headaches, any issues with sleeping as well as improving circulation.

Pranamat Eco has been clinically proven to reduce back pain and is used as therapy for related ailments such as a herniated disc, ischia's, lumbagos and other types which you can find here. (description is in German and for more information in English click here )

And if you are in top shape, it’s a simple tool to keep you healthy and happy by using the mat 15 minutes daily.

Give yourself an acupuncture massage at home with this natural selfcare set which also brings relaxation and calmness to the mind!

Different ways to use it for different effects

On the Pranamat website you can find more specific ways of using the mat, and some general information given, is the following:

Lie on the matt with a bareback & the pillow under your head:

5 minutes for a quick energy lift

20 minutes to reduce pain and muscle strains or cramps

30 minutes for a truly improved state of sleep

Or stand on the mat for a couple of minutes so that all reflexology points on the feet are pressed.

The Pranamat Experience

Lie bareback on the mat with the pillow slightly under your neck and head. Within the first few minutes lying down you will feel the release of endorphins, you will feel happy instantly! I also noticed how I am truly relaxed after a few minutes and can notice my mind really calming down.

At first it might be a feeling to get used to, as lying on the spikes is quite intense on your body, but after a few uses, you get adjusted to this new feeling.

Since every person is different, and often blockages in the body can cause different sensitivities, there are times where you might only want to use the mat or only the pillow and sometimes you want to use the mat and pillow simultaneously. The best thing is to try it out and see what is working best for you at different times, feeding your different needs.

If you are into meditation, it’s a great way to do your meditation, lying on the matt and pillow, having calm soothing music playing in the background, or in complete silence, and focusing on breathing in and out. From personal experience I can highly recommend doing this for 15 to 30 minutes.


The set comes with a mat and pillow. The mat alone is composed of 221 lotus flowers including more than 5000 spiky pressure points to stimulate the over 400 different pressure points in the body.

It’s handmade in Europe using natural and ecological materials. Produced authentically working with nature bringing you a top-quality product aiming to improve your wellbeing and even has 5 years guarantee on it! 100% natural cotton, linen, coconut fiber and HIPS plastic (hypoallergenic and ecological plastic) free of any toxins.

There are a variety of different colours to choose from which are inspired by nature and dyed using natural hypoallergenic dye.

The Pranamat ECO is designed with such precision to improve ones overall wellbeing as well as to aid for specific ailments, that the effects are truly amazing and can be felt after only a few uses!

Bringing you natural ways to reduce any physical ailments or simply keep you healthy! It is 21st Century Products such as these which have the well being of the human at heart, working with nature which are truly making a change towards a more humane world.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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