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Let’s talk about modern healing modalities and practices to strengthen your mind

It’s great that we live in an era where healing is becoming more of a common topic, because well many people need to heal. This being from own experiences, family circumstances, generational trauma, either way what is not healed will reoccur itself over and over again until we decide to face the lesson. Equally we live in an era where consciousness is rising and people are becoming more and more aware about the fact that we each individually create our own reality, yet we merely need to gain control over our own minds and thus the different techniques used to heal also help us gain control over our own mind in order to eventually create the reality we wish to experience. In the society we live in of course, many have picked up on this and made a business out of it. Now, the different healing techniques or techniques to help us focus, swimming around society are nothing new. All of them can be found in eastern techniques which have been taught forever and for free. In this article, I will be discussing how all the different healing practices and spiritual activities all have the same aim. To calm the mind. I will be discussing how some of the most basic practices can help you either heal aspects within you or how to simply gain control over your own mind to help you live a life you enjoy more. If this has intrigued you, then feel free to continue reading!

Nowadays there is so much talk about meditation, yoga, breathwork, ice baths / cold showers, journaling or sound healing, and they are all great! Yet, all these different techniques have one thing in common, the only thing required to truly heal or become mentally stronger, and that is to quiet the mind. To quiet the subconscious mind, to use tools to heal the trauma and beliefs stuck in the subconscious mind and swimming around keeping your conscious mind occupied. To quiet it all in order for you to refocus what you think about. Because what you focus on, is where your energy goes and that is what you manifest into existence. So, in order to change your life, it’s about refocusing where your energy goes and that can only be done if the subconscious mind is healed and cleared of old crap lingering around and by becoming mentally stronger. So, it’s about healing and strengthening the mind.

The most common different tools:

Many people look for an external person or course to help them change their lives, to help them heal, to give them that quick fix. However, the truth is nobody can do that for you, you can go on as many courses as you want, do as many different lessons as you wish, which don’t get me wrong can help you understand what tools work for you, but what I am trying to say is that you don’t need to spend loads of money on western “courses” about techniques which are given to you freely from the eastern traditional culture. And in western courses, they often lose their actual foundation and use.

Yoga: Nowadays yoga has become a sport rather than a practice which is actually supposed to help you move energy through breathing in a specific way whilst being in certain positions. The foundation of yoga, called Ashtanga, explains this beautifully. This practice is what all different forms of modern yoga are based on, yet it requires a lot of discipline as it has a fixed set of exercises combined with a specific way of breathing to move the energy in your body. Thus, when you manage to move energy in your body you are focusing on breathing and standing in a certain way, so all of your mental focus goes on that exercise allowing little space for anything else to rise. Of course, we are human and thoughts will rise, however with practice you really only focus on how your breath moves the energy through your body in the different positions.

It is also important to note that when westerners practice this, they have a different background than people who grew up doing this routine practice from young on in eastern countries. Westerners were stuck in school and offices and therefore their bodies are built differently. Therefore, I suggest practicing this routine of ashtanga slowly, adapting it to your body and to strongly have the aim at priority of moving the energy within your body whilst doing certain exercises and breathing in a certain way. Simply by going onto YouTube you can find different clips showing you ashtanga practices, which can allow you to gain strong insight into this practice.

Meditation: To sit still is something so hard for most people. Because westerners are not used to it, to simply be. Meditation is nothing else than a tool to help you calm the mind. A tool to help you breathe, to slow down and to empty all the noise within. So how do you meditate? Close your eyes and focus on something. Either onto the middle of your eyebrows, or to have some frequency elevating music in the background (which you can find for free on many platforms, just make sure it’s authentic) and to focus on that and then to simply breathe. Or alternatively to focus only on your breath, breathing in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds. Then as thoughts will rise, to simply not give them focus, to let them be, acknowledge they are there but don’t engage in the thoughts.

Breathwork: It’s crazy how as a society we forget how to do the simplest things, breathe, eat, drink, sleep. And learning how to breathe really is the foundation is learning how to control your thoughts. That’s what breathwork is about. Breathing can help calm your nervous system. Breathing can help you become stronger mentally. Once again, in eastern practices they use different types of breathwork such as breath of fire, alkaline breathing and many different tools to create dopamine within, create DMT, to calm the mind, the release trauma from the cells, to reduce inflammation, you name the ailment and there is a breathing technique for it.  You can do all this by yourself, you merely need to learn how to use different techniques and then what to apply them for.  It really does not require joining some expensive breathwork courses. When you start learning how to breath, do the research yourself about different eastern techniques, try out various forms and see what works for you. There are different breathwork sessions available on online platforms like YouTube, which can show you and help guide you into learning how to do breathwork sessions by yourself.

Journaling: This tool is like emptying out garbage. Its aim is to clear all that what is within the mind. When your mind is busy, take a paper and whatever thoughts arise write them down immediately. Don’t give your thoughts the attention they seek and dwell into them in order for them to grow. Simply observe these thoughts and write them down in order to let them go. This happens by not engaging with these thoughts. This whole practice really does not cost anything else but your own time.

Sound healing: Different sounds allow to transmute the frequency your cells are vibrating at, therefore sound healing practices aim to take away thoughts in your mind as well as information deep within your cells. Using different instruments, you can elevate the frequency your cells are vibrating at. To do this, you can attend expensive “gong sessions”, buy different music instruments and play music yourself or simply go online and find the right platform providing you with this music for free ( of course make sure it’s authentic and does not have subliminal messages lingering around under the sound).

Ice baths / cold showers: This is nothing new, one of the oldest techniques, have become such a business today! The aim of ice baths and cold showers is to again calm your mind. Once your body is faced with extreme cold, the mind has only one focus. It’s such a strong method, extremely effective which is why it is so popular. But this, you can do alone any day as long as you have either a cold shower nearby or a freezing lake.

In the end of the day these different tools mentioned, all bring you to the same aim. To quiet the mind, so you can choose what the mind focuses on and thus what you give energy to, to become stronger mentally and work on visualizations. People pay so much money to go on retreats or to part take in courses when you really can help heal yourself all by yourself. It merely requires strong discipline and trial and error. Try out different tools and see which work for you, because as mentioned the aim is the same. To calm the mind, the refocus what the mind is thinking on and thus what you can give energy to and manifest into physical existence.

Practicing the different tools, merely costs a lot of discipline, research and dedication, because in the end of the day the only person who can heal you and bring you further in life, is you yourself. You can merely learn different techniques, but you yourself will eventually have to become your own savior, healer and guru. And these tools don’t only need to be there to help you heal something within, but to simply improve your way of life, to work on visualization and manifesting pure awesomeness into existence!

On this note, I would also like to add, for those people who might be at the beginning of “change” and who might not be familiar with any of these tools, or would not know where to start, do not underestimate the power of simply stepping out into nature and going for a walk. If you find yourself in difficult times, and all of the different methods mentioned above seem to much right now, then just go for a walk. This is also why I talk so much about exploring on my website, it’s the best way to change and grow your perspective and to get out of your mind.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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