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Music is the universal language that connects us all

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Music is the one language which connects all living beings universally, no matter where you come from or who you are. It is something which is understood through feeling and not through thinking. Sound is one of the oldest tools of communication in time and one of the most powerful ones, still today. It has such a strong impact, which is why it is widely used in our society for numerous reasons, to heal but as well to manipulate. In this article we will look at how sound communication happens through music, why it is felt by every living being and what impact this has. How it is used in society to influence the mass and how it can be used to elevate one’s life, which is a direction we can all individually and freely go towards. If this has intrigued you, read on!

How does communication happen through music

Music is the creation of sound frequencies stemming from a physical instrument, including the human voice. These sound frequencies travel in waves in a given distance, creating vibrations which impact the human cells and thus the human emotion, which is simply another word to express energy in motion.

The scale of the different pitch frequencies is represented through hertz. Each hertz is in sound language expressed as a note such as G, D, A, on different octaves.

It has always been this case since the existence of sound that different hertz have different effects on the human being as they impact the cells within the human body, thus allowing the cells to shift frequency. I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “raise your vibration” or “that sound has such good vibes” that merely means that the specific hertz is a “positive” one raising the frequency someone’s cells are vibrating on.

This is also the reason why music is understood by every living being – as it is not understood through thought or the brain, but truly felt throughout the cells in the whole body.

“Music is not a language which is spoken, music is a sound frequency which is felt.”

Music connects, is heard and felt by every single living being

Disconnection is one of the biggest issues we have on a global scale, and music is the one tool which truly has the ability to connect beings collectively simply through the sound exerted. Thus, music is so powerful and important in our lives collectively - the enhancing, uplifting and stimulating kind of music and sounds.

Humans collectively come from various backgrounds thus speak in other languages, have numerous perspectives of the world and have different ways of being due to cultural differences. Even though many of us speak in such different languages, tones or expressions, we understand music in the same way. As it speaks in frequencies, which passes through the layers of conditioning and language barriers.

There are so many types of musical styles around the world (which is beautiful) but in the end the sound frequencies expressed are the same, merely composed into different melodies, thus creating these varying styles. Yet no matter where you come from in the world, it speaks to you through emotion, through feeling and this means that music truly connects us all.

There is such power in listening to certain sound frequencies, so make sure you take care about the type of music you listen to and know every human being understands the language of music, as once again, it is something which is felt.

The power of music

Music communicates through emotions. You can literally elevate the emotion (energy in motion) within a human being or on the contrary also decrease it. Music is used to influence people, and like most things the human being “abuses” all these great tools and qualities we have in the world which are used for means of manipulation to feed greed, power and money. However sound / music can actually serve us as a collective as it has the power to heal and elevate our individual states of being. This is already touching upon another topic, sound healing, which is very interesting.

Music has such great power and influence on living beings, as mentioned, it can be used to elevate as well as lower the state one is in. Sound can make people be positive or negative, it can raise your mood, or lower it, it can make you happy or sad. This is why for example when people are in certain moods, they will listen to music from specific artists representing a particular style to reflect and reinforce the state they are in or alternatively to change their mood.

Unfortunately, we also live in a world where music is used for subconscious manipulation and creating a particular type of music which has sounds touching upon certain hertz can strongly impact someone – pay attention to music expressed in mainstream commercials, they use influential sounds which impact the subconscious mind thus reinforcing you to for example buy a certain product or service. Many artists who are naturally talented and are gaining a global following are then used from these big organization to share their music in commercials and brand representations. This most often, if they do not have much business knowledge, on the other hand they might also be aware of it and are simply interested in all the profit going their way. However, this also allows you to truly differentiate real artists, as really talented people with a heart in the right place, who genuinely wish to make art for the greater good of humanity, will stay away from big companies, and not “sell their soul and art” to influence the mass and fueling them with money and fame.

“Sound is a vibration able to heal the cells in the body”

A little bit about sound healing

Sound can be used to naturally heal the human body, certain hertz have true healing qualities which can strongly impact the subconscious mind, and these kinds of sounds have in the course of history have been used by cultures and people who have stayed away from mass society. It is beautiful to see how these sound healing frequencies are making a comeback nowadays through many different types of forms of healing and not only in music, but in healing environments through the use of singular instruments such as gongs and certain native tools. The vibrations exerting from them have true healing powers. You can’t see them, but you can most definitely feel them!

Since everything is energy, frequency and vibration, language is one of the strongest tools which impacts the frequency living beings vibrate on and thus the energy they individually feel. The musical language is the only one which connects all living beings, no matter who one is or where one comes from, as it is not understood through thought, but merely felt.

Connection is one of the most important things in our lives, and music has the power to connect any kind of an individual with another, now that’s powerful! Through music we can communicate love with one another, and we have the power to elevate our own state of being as well as the collective. As the frequencies of love and fear are the strongest which exist, like everything in this world, it is also used by mass society to try to generate fear and manipulate, but as long as we are aware of this we can avoid it and use sound as the positive powerful tool for the well-being of our lives. This tool is so powerful, and sound is one of the oldest tools the living being has used and it is all about merely allowing the high vibrational sounds in our lives, to individually elevate our lives collectively.

We are generation change!

Enjoy, yours truly

© Isabel


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