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Stop taking things personally!

Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you take things personally? Someone said something and it really hurts you, or certain actions are taken and you feel offended? Well, it seems like it is one of the most common holdbacks many people have, to take things personally. So in this article, I’ll be addressing, why people take things personally and why you shouldn’t ever take things personally and a few tips how to not take things personally. If you’re intrigued, then continue reading.

Why people take things personally

Someone says something to you or something happens and you immediately jump to conclusions and you might think “what did I do wrong” “don’t they like me” what is it about “me” that is the problem? Now acknowledge, that this is merely your own perception. And you know what, if you react like this, it means that, they hit a nerve, they poked an unhealed part within you.

Why you shouldn’t ever take things personally

People act from their level of consciousness. The way someone acts and reacts has NOTHING to do with you and who are, and everything to do with who they are.

People have an image of who you are, they don’t see who you truly are. And this image is based on how you fit in their perception of reality. People can only meet you from their level of consciousness. Since we are all seeing the world through our own eyes, thus have our own perception of reality, it doesn’t matter what you think anybody thinks because it doesn’t correspond reality.

I truly love this saying that came to me a few years ago “we are living in a world where there are 8 billion realities intertwined with each other”!

3 tips how to not take things personally

When you work on healing the parts of you which were not accepted as a child, or parts which you might not even accept yourself at the moment, then eventually once you accept them, you don’t care what others think of you and that is powerful.

1. Stop creating stories in your mind and therefore stop jumping to conclusions. And simply acknowledge a situation for what it is, exactly how it is, without your “story” put onto it. Any story you add onto a situation, is a reflection of something unhealed within you. Do not put your focus on it. Do not get involved and do not react. Simply observe.

2. Have more trust in who you are – built on trusting yourself and everything that you are in this exact moment. We are all an ongoing masterpiece of art, so acknowledge where you are at right now in your stage of evolution.

3. Practice more self love and increase your own self worth to stop caring about what others think of you. which allows you to not care what others think, and allows you to not get knocked out of your confidence.

Taking things personally means you care what others think of you, and it all comes down to unhealed parts within you rising to the surface. Now you could even go as far as seeing it as an opportunity, each time you get really offended by something someone said or did, because it illuminates something within you which is unhealed, and so basically they showed you a part within you which is there for you to address and heal.

Once again, looking at any life experience as an opportunity, truly allows you to grow and evolve, as that’s pretty much what we’re doing on the planet, growing and evolving through experiences.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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