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The Boutique Hotel “Caffè dell'Arte” delivering you the DolceVita in the heart of Locarno!

The tourism organization Ascona Locarno launched a fantastic initiative inviting influencers to explore the Dolce Vita of the area. I was one of the lucky three to win a 2-day stay in the area and here I will elaborate on the boutique hotel I got the opportunity to stay with.

Boutique Hotel Caffè dell'Arte

More than just a hotel, the people behind the creation of the Boutique Hotel Caffè dell'Arte and the services offered to you, allow you to have an unforgettable experience in such a beautiful and inspirational city.

About the Founders of the boutiqe hotel

Created by a family from the region, who truly care about this beautiful city and delivering an authentic experience to its visitors, you will get to know the true kindness of people in Locarno. So welcoming and such a beautiful heart, they ensure your stay at the boutique hotel in Locarno is one to remember.


Local, authentic and home grown food is served to you. The variety of delicious food is endless. With one taste you can feel the love that has been put into the making of the food. Simply delicious!

Since in Ticino, one eats a lot, often visitors cannot finish their breakfast and the hotel has created the most fashionable and funky “doggie-bags” for you to take the food with you on your journey visiting the area!


Each room is furnished completely differently. Most of the furniture are second hand vintage pieces which are reworked and then placed in the beautiful rooms. Some of the Artistic pieces put on display can be bought, for example the lamps.

The lights are creations from artisanal craftsmanship from Tessin. Here the money from the sold pieces goes partially to the Artists and partially to the foundation of the hotel “Fondazione patriziopatelli”.

The Foundation of the hotel:

The foundation is about willpower, love and solidarity. Helping people who love doing sports but have a handicap. Therefore, the hotel also has a collaboration with the hospital right next door, with the department of sports-medicine.

The hotel hosting Events:

Located in the center of Locarno with a beautifully authentic vibe, it is the perfect location to host a variety of exclusive events. If you wish to have more information about hosting an event here, either contact the hotel directly or have a look with the Ticino tourism.

For example, in June, the Boutique Hotel Caffè dell'Arte hosted the press conference for the music Fesitval occurring mid-July in Locarno Moons&Stars. To read more about this festival in such a beautiful and unique environment hosting a variety of popular international artists read more here.

Needless to say, the Boutique Hotel Caffè dell'Arte is a popular destination in the center of Locarno, and if you wish to have a local, authentic experience in this beautiful area of the canton Ticino, the hotel can only be recommended.

Enjoy your DolceVita in the heart of Locarno.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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