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Transitioning from the 20th to the 21st Century

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Change was always, is always, and will always, be the most constant thing in our lives.

We are currently living in the 21st Century with many areas (sub-systems) within our western world system still running under 20th Century ways. For example, the educational system, the health system or the monetary and political system have been slightly adapted since the 20th Century. The one thing which has been adapted from the 20th Century to the 21st Century has been technology. But that is not a system, technology is a tool which is used in most sub-systems within the world system.

So we have many tools from the 21st Century in the 21st Century but we are handling them in 20th Century ways. Well into the 21st Century, the need for change and adaptment is beyond obvious. With a strong focus on bringing forward the human factor into our society and therefore our world-system, this Article will be solemnly focusing on the transition within the business system putting forward what areas are currently in desperate need of change and evolution.

Definition of business revisited for the 21st Century

A definition of business is:

"Making a product or service to enhance others’ lives for the better."

And once again I want to remind, business is not just about companies making products, it is also about the scientists coming up with new life views, people creating music, film, paintings which enhances others, entertain and make life more interesting and liveable.

I wish to add to the above definition of business for the 21st Century:

"Making a product or service to enhance the others’ lives for the better, in respect to the workers making these goods and services."

That the workers feel enhanced whilst enhancing others’ lives. And with workers, I’m speaking about the people in factories being treated well, the musicians and actors not being abused and used up until their creative energy is sucked out of them, the corporate workers having more freedom to express their creativity than simply slaving away like machines. Making a product and service for the good of others, whilst their life is being enhanced.

In the last 40 years things have changed drastically!

We are making such a quick evolvement, don’t forget! It often doesn’t seem like it, but we are. Already what’s different, women can work, can run marathons (yes up until 1972 women couldn't paticipate in Marathons, thank you Kathrine Switzer) , you can officially be gay and won’t lose your job (in most countries) these are all insanely quick developments and evolvements from the last 40 years! That’s amazing! Up until 20 years ago, for most families in Europe it was not even thinkable that a woman can be her own person without a working husband and children! If you were harassed and abused in companies, you had to shut your mouth and today it is no longer accepted.

On this note, I dream of the day where even the workers in factories can open their mouth, because there are still horrendous conditions around the world, and I’m not speaking of sweatshops having children work, I’m speaking of people being abused day after day whilst working in factories in 3rd world countries and shipping over those goods to the western world, where they’re marketed as goods everyone needs and made in great conditions! That’s a lie which is so obviously exposed and being changed as we speak!

But 20 years ago, it was not just the people in the factories being abused but also the people in the offices. And that’s changed, we’re starting to change strongly, because many millennials from the generation of the 21st Century have developed a healthy self-confidence and self-worth which allows them to respect themselves enough to know what they accept from others.

Regarding the corporate world, a current issue which many companies have is that workers come and go, and more and more it’s the workers leaving the companies because the working conditions do not suit their new way of thinking and their desire of living.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to work, or they are being lazy, it simply means they are understanding their worth as a human being and cannot work under the conditions of companies using old fashioned ways. Which is why we are transitioning into 21st Century ways of doing Business.

The old generation vs. the new generation

In current times we are undergoing strong changes and so many individuals nowadays no longer resonate with the way the system we live in works. Within the working world, the new generation, people who have a new, different way of thinking, age irrelevant, can’t seem to work with companies who use old ways of doing things, working.

We can see a global desire for living more freely and humanly starting with basic changes such as being healthy no matter what our working life circumstances are. This then also effects how we wish to work and what we wish to work for. Which strongly includes being conscious of how products are made and what impacts these have on our earth. We are simply transitioning to being conscious.

The 21st Century working generation are people who wish to change and help evolve the current companies. Some companies are adopting new ways such as home office, giving a human more liberty. But in most cases, in long established institutions, it is hard to get the current management with old ways of thinking and doing to change and help them evolve. So what is happening more and more, is that these smart and creative people, leave companies and either find one which appreciates their creativity and different way of doing or they start their own thing.

What role do Artists in Suits play in the 20th to 21st Century transition?

These people who help change the established companies are Artist in Suits. And the 21st Century generation of entrepreneurs, I like to call Artistic Entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs who are not just creating their own business, but who are not following old business models, who are literally creating new business models by creating a new way of doing business.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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