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What makes an animal and a human, both living beings, different?

Animals and humans, are both living beings. Both have the same right to live on this planet, equally. Our society, in general, has completely lost connection to themselves, other begins and nature, thus having caused destruction and harmful ways of living for those beings who are weaker than the dominating beings. The aim of this video, is to get you to think. To think about your connection to yourself, to others, to animals, to nature. Are you disconnected or connected? Do you feel compassion, empathy, love for yourself, others and nature? In a way, which might sound funny to some, this video is dedicated for all the beautiful animals who have been tortured by western consumerism.


What makes an animal and a human different? Both are living beings; both should have the right to live freely on this planet.

Just like humans, animals have feelings, you might be surprised, but even more than many humans.

Both see

Both hear

Both smell

Both taste

Both touch

Both feel

Both breathe

Cows, pigs, goats, sheep and so on, are in almost all cases bred, forced impregnated and captured in a cage their whole life.

They are born, registered as a number and immediately their ears are pierced. Shortly after, they are separated from their mothers, with only bars keeping them apart, so they can see each other so closely, but no contact.

Best case scenario they get to move around on a bit of land also encaged.

Most live in dirt in either too cold or too warm conditions and taking the example of a cow, they have flies cover their eyes all the times every second. And yes, it really annoys them, just look at a cow trying to shake of the flies next time you see one.

By the end of their lives, they are then butchered, and if they are lucky their butchering is a quick one like back in the day. One where they are not shoved against each other, hearing their fellow mates being slaughtered where fear is immersed in every single cell of their body, which the human being later on eats – yes you heard me right, the human being eats cells full of fear, and you become what you eat.

Those animals which are not used or the food industry or the clothing industry, but in others such as the beauty and pharmaceutical industry suffer in a different, painful way. Tortured daily through experimentations for what is labelled as human advancement? Are we really still this primitive and disconnected?

Do you know what it must feel like, the pain these gorgeous living beings must go through on a daily basis to merely serve for means of consumption for humans?

As a source of food, for clothing, make up, beauty, pharmaceutics, all items which subtly poison the human, so that the human can externally mask themselves, pretend to be someone, to feel more integrated in this fake consumerism - based western society? Whilst praying on the weak, the animals, who have absolutely no chance against the dominating human being.

For what are all these animals so tortured unnecessarily?

Many years ago when it was survival of the fittest, human used animals to survive. Nowadays we need nothing more than what nature herself gives us, there is no need for animal beings to suffer to the extent they do.

An animal is a living being right, a human is a living being, what makes us different is that the human has an overdeveloped ego, a selfish perspective, and a lack of understanding that we are all connecting, everything, everywhere, everyone. This causes harm not just to fellow humans but to innocent animals who do not have a voice or can defend themselves. It is up to us human beings to speak for these animals who really have no choice in their miserable lives.

For just 10 seconds, put yourself in the shoes of one of these animals, how would you feel if you lived the way they do? Just imagine you were a cow, a goat, a sheep, a monkey, how would you want human beings to treat you?

Only because it does not concern you directly, because you do not feel the pain these animals are in, does not mean you are not involved.

All of this, because the human has lost complete connection, to itself, to others, to nature and all around.

Ask yourself this one question, what makes you, human - living being any different to an animal - living being?

Its time we start going away from a selfish, destruction mentality and go towards a mentality, full of awareness and connection.

We are generation change.

Yours truly,

© Isabel


Video clips copyright: diverse clips by video creators from Pixabay / 2 videos from Videvo

Music copyright: Desert Planet by Quincas Moreiera; The empty Moons of Jupter by DivKid; Fruits of Life by Jimena Contreras


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