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Why do we get sick?

Whether we have a small flue, a more serious disease or broken limbs, there is a specific reason for any of these occurrences. With the perspective that there are no coincidences, any type of ailment and illness comes with a meaning behind it, and it’s our own individual opportunity to observe to understand what is actually happening in order to make the necessary changes allowing us to live a happier life. If you are intrigued and want to find out what your continuous runny nose, a shock accident leaving you in hospital for weeks or a severe disease actually means then read on.  

Before any physical ailment occurs, it begins at an emotional level

You will feel off, have a gut feeling of something being wrong in life, are very emotional, have feelings of sadness, hatred, anger, guilt, regret all these low vibrational emotions. Since emotions are energy in motion and your whole physical body is purely vibrating on different energetic frequencies, these feelings are all indicators that your human vessel is vibrating on a low frequency and there is an opportunity for you to heal something, to let go of something, to transform a state of thinking and belief stuck in your mind.


How does this whole vibration and frequency thing work?

Well, we are composed of trillions of particles. These particles vibrate on a specific frequency. We choose out of freewill with our beliefs and thoughts what frequency these particles vibrate on. In our first 7 years of existence our environment forms how and what we think and believe which forms what frequency our particles vibrate on. Now since this topic is not common knowledge in society many people vibrate at lower frequencies because their perspective of reality is blocked by imposed beliefs.

The higher particles vibrate on, the faster they move and the more light is allowed into our physical body. The lower particles vibrate, the slower they move and are thicker not allowing much light to enter our body. The higher you vibrate at, the more you are in alignment with your authentic true self with limitless possibilities. The lower you vibrate at the less you are connected to yourself, others and the world around you leaving you feeling lethargic throughout life. Its is when we vibrate on frequencies under 250hz, that we attract illnesses and ailments into our lives. Keep in mind, no matter what we are talking about in life, we attract the external particles and experiences vibrating at the frequency which match the frequency we are vibrating at.

2 main fundamental reasons why do we get ailments

Now that we’ve looked at how the energy of ailments work and how we attract them into our lives, let’s look a little deeper at the meaning behind vibrating at lower frequencies and what opportunity actually lies in these getting sick.

  1. A wake up call: We have been living in a certain miserable state of live for too long and it’s time for us to make changes in our lives. These changes will ultimately allow us to navigate at higher frequencies and heal aspects of ourselves which have limited us to living life in a more joyful and connected way. We might have taken on beliefs and been in destructive environments which caused us so much sadness and made us so weak that we got further way from our true selves (our true self feel more and more asleep) and thus, took on beliefs which made us vibrate on these low frequencies.

  2. Because we took on generational karmic DNA: to help release ancestral generation trauma which we chose to take on in this incarnation.

These reasons can be expressed through similar appearances. First, we will feel it on an emotional perspective. Feeling low, not right, unhappy, sad, depressed, anxious and many more low emotions as well as various mental states which have in western society been labeled as mental illnesses. If we choose to ignore these signs, mostly because of societal demands, stigmas and falsely adopted belief systems, life will continuously get more and more uncomfortable and if we still chose to have a blind eye to these emotional states and ways of thinking “the universe” will find another way to catch our attention to this needed change through a physical way. And what is the best way to catch our attention for us to change something? A serious physical smack in the face!

This can start as a flue, then as a continuous runny nose, then as a more serious illness which keeps on reoccurring every few months, as a sprained bone, then as broken bones, then as a more serious deadly illness which in some cases gets people to have near death experiences or simply gets them to a position of awareness that they nearly died. The extent of the physical ailment we endure, is really up to us and at what point we choose to make a change and can no longer bear the unhappiness in our life.

Either way, we always have the opportunity to listen to the information we get from “the universe” the gentle messages we receive, and if we don’t listen, we will constantly get messages which will get louder and louder until we have no choice but to listen. So instead of waiting until you get a deadly illness or chronic disease, losing a limb or sense, having drastic situations happen, we can avoid all that if we simply learn to listen to our emotional state and make changes immediately.

I would like to note, some argue, we live in a highly polluted world, so it’s inevitable that we will catch some bacteria causing small flues or viruses. Well, yes that’s true, but we will only be able to attract into our body these bacteria if our body is vibrating at a specific low frequency. Therefore, if you vibrate on a high frequency these bacteria cannot enter your physical body as everything is energy.

This is why it’s so important that in western society we start normalizing this topic, which really is nothing else than quantum physics. Everything is energy. So are we, so is this human vessel which we get to experience life through. And what else are doing here on planet earth than being allowed to experience this adventure of life through this incredible individual human body we each get, allowing us to learn and grow as a soul?

The higher frequency you vibrate at, the better your life will be

The great thing is, we currently do live in a time where many people are gaining consciousness to this knowledge and thus clearing old belief systems to allow themselves to become the powerful being they truly are, allowing them to vibrate on higher frequencies. It does take time clearing the damage done or imposed belief systems, but you will see once you take on this journey of healing yourself and how you think, you will eventually start feeling lighter. The truth is you will go through severe discomfort, facing so much inner pain in order to release it. But through this path you will eventually start feeling this “bliss” you’ve heard so much about. And since this is the only path to get to live on a higher vibration, you might as well avoid the physical ailment part, coz that really is avoidable.

So, the earlier you listen to any emotional symptoms guiding you that there are changes to made in your life, whether that be due to life circumstances or ancestral karma, where you might have taken on imposed belief systems and it’s time to let go of certain thought patterns, destructive habits and so on, the less pain you will have to endure and the quicker you can shift the frequency you are vibrating on.

Ultimately, the higher frequency you vibrate at, the stronger the connection to your inner being will be, in other words your intuition will become stronger, and being guided by your intuition in a clear manner throughout life, is like turning on a GPS will tell you where traffic is, what routes are the best for you ( life experiences which you will enjoy the most) to get to your destination (whichever growth / learning experience you have chosen to undergo).

The information in our cells, begins in our mind!

If you find yourself in a situation where you have gotten sick, it’s also so important to tell yourself that “you are healing” not that you are sick. Since all information in the cells in your body begin from the thoughts in your mind, it’s so important to tell yourself “I am healing” and rest when you do get physically sick, even if it’s just the flue. Allow whatever transformation needed to happen to occur as well as allowing yourself to let go what needs to be released in order to transform the energy within.

When you look at life from the perspective that we merely exist to experience life, enjoy an incarnation as a human being and grow and evolve as a soul, then you will see a meaning behind anything and everything in life. From the smallest encounters to the most shocking circumstances, you will see a message or learning opportunity in it. Its merely up to us to choose to take the path of growth. We can stay in resistance, we all have that free will, yet life will simply get harder and you’ll encounter many ailments in your life, as this is the best way to catch your attention that change needs to occur. Become aware of any circumstance in your life and learn to slow down, observe and allow change to occur within, which will create the reaction of change externally.

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel



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