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Swiss Fairy Caves: Subterranean Waterfall inside a mountain, Valais, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A waterfall that makes you stop thinking instantly and simply draws you towards its beauty. 70m high, about 500m into the mountain, the sound of the subterranean waterfall allows you to enter an atmosphere of true serenity, energizing you from head to toe.

In the heart of Valais, a town called St-Maurice there are caves called the “Fairy’s Cave – Grotte aux Fées”.

Existing since the 19th Century it became a tourist attraction to raise money for an orphanage in the area in about 1870. Telling a beautiful history, there is also a legend about fairies inhabiting the caves at one point. All of this is to be discovered at the caves and if you wish to read more about the history, click here.

The walk up the mountain to enter the caves is a very beautiful one in nature, inviting you to see plenty of historical monuments and interesting natural formations.

At the top of the mountain, before the entry of the caves there is a lovely local restaurant, with traditional food and an incredible panoramic view. It is the perfect spot to eat something and relax after visiting the caves.

The walk itself is extremely energizing as you have the alpine mountain air refreshing you.

Equally the geological formations to be explored are incredible and breathtaking. The colors of the moss and water running down certain stones is truly a spectacle itself!

Did you know? The mud you can scrape of from the rocks inside is incredbly good for your skin as its full of minerals!

There are military bunker doors accesible from within the mountain. It keeps you curious how far those bunkers go into the mountain. Definetly keeps you on your feet when seeing such a door along the path.

Being one of the largest subterranean waterfalls in the world, there is no place like this and it is truly one to be explored!

There is a myth saying when you touch the water in the lake formed under the waterfall and you make a wish, it will come true!


∞ 10.- CHF entry

∞ Open from March 15th until November 15th

∞ Take extra clothes with you to stay warm inside the mountain

∞ Delicious local restaurant right outside the caves on top of the mountain with a panoramic view.

∞ For children: a treasure hunt in the caves, searching for the fairies in the caves

Lets go out more and explore all the hidden gems around us!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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