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5 Steps to reprogram your subconscious mind | Rebuild your base

There is so much talk about doing affirmations, thinking positive, meditating, all to create a better life for you. Whilst these “tools” are all great, they do not serve you very much unless your “base” is cleaned up and open to receive these high frequency tools. When I speak of base, I am referring to the subconscious mind. As this is the fundamental beginning of anything within our external experience. Any external experience we attract, stems from how our internal subconscious mind is structured, thus how our base looks like. Read on to understand this concept better and to discover 5 steps how to clean your base in order to fill it with high frequency vibrations.

Clean out your base, reprogram your subconscious mind and attract a new reality for you

Many people want a different life, which is why they turn to affirmations and different tools to create a new external life. Whilst these tools in itself are great, if you have a base which is full of old programs, low frequency belief programs ( imposed by others, taken on from others, negative self talk etc.) then none of these tools will really work. The truth is for any of these to work, it will require you to first clean up your base, which is a painful, slow and hard process. Below I will be sharing 5 steps to help you through this process.

1. Bring awareness to the belief programs within your base

Bring awareness to your current belief patterns. You can’t get rid of anything you are not giving your conscious awareness to. By brining awareness to these old belief programs which have been running since probably your childhood, no matter where they come from, if they were imposed onto you by your parents, by media, school, fake friends, ex toxic partners, it does not matter, it is crucial to become aware of them in order to head onto the next. Be aware and acknowledge them I order to accept them and proceed with the next step.

2. Let go of the old programs

Now, once we become aware of how many belief programs were imposed on us and how much “crap” has been lingering around in our subconscious minds, what we usually do is we get so angry at having allowed people to be so toxic to us, for having allowed others perspective to habit in our own subconscious mind. This is where people get really angry and bitter, because it’s a sad acknowledgment knowing that those closest to you were the ones who brought you the most pain, and that you let those people influence the way you think.

Now you can be angry for as long as you like, it wont change this disappointing fact. However, it is natural to stay angry for a while, and there you can work with many different tools to release the stuck low vibrational energy within.

Once you’ve let the acceptance sink it, and have released the anger towards others actions which influenced your “base” the most important step is done. You have given awareness, processed the emotions associated to them and now you let go all the beliefs within your subconscious mind which are necessary to clean out and change.

3. Be empty

At this stage you have misted out the old and now the base is empty, which is a phase where you feel empty, because the old is leaving and the new is not yet in. As much as this stage feels very scary, it’s because it is unknown and until now you have only known the previous belief programs which filled your base, so you are leaving what was known to you as comfort (even if it felt terrible the whole time).

Getting to this stage is indirectly so beautiful, because you have created space for new high frequency beliefs to enter your base. Much in your external life, during this stage will fall away, everything which was attached to your old “way of thinking” to the old belief programs and systems in your mind. Sit with this for as long as you need to.

4. Fill your base with new thoughts and beliefs

This is where you can finally start doing all these incredible affirmations. Fill your mind with affirmations which feel right to you, which make you feel happy and energized, that’s how you know they are right for you. Meditate, listen to your true you. Let your authentic voice come back and you will actually remember who are were before all these belief programs were imposed onto you.

5. Solidify these new ways of thinking and beliefs

Stay consistent in your practice, and simply build on the high frequency beliefs and thoughts.

Your external reality will now reflect your internal higher frequency state of being and from this stage onwards your reality will be completely shifted!

The beautiful thing is, by this stage you will also be aware of any external thoughts or ways of thinking or beliefs which do not resonate with your highest well-being and true authentic self.

5 Steps to reprogram your subconscious mind | Rebuild your base
5 Steps to reprogram your subconscious mind | Rebuild your base

If you do anything in life yet life with an imposed subconscious mind, thus do not live through your true self, it will not succeed. This can be associated with anything you do in life and its truly a hard pill to accept. If your base is not solid, anything will crash or simply make you live in suffering. This can be: a relationship, marriage, a business, job, a friendship, anything! Therefore to build a beautiful new life or merely to build something great no matter where and at what stage in life you are starting from, first ensure that your base is solid, that your base is truly yours and your external experience will be beyond what you could imagine.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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