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Through what lens are you looking at life?

We all see the world differently, in our own unique way. During the first 7 years of our life out belief system is conditioned which is heavily impacted by our environment. We adopt different beliefs, ways of thinking, are conditioned with certain information and even adopt different coping mechanisms. All of this will create different filters and layers through which we see life, therefore we will be carrying different lenses through which see reality. In this article we will look at different lenses through which you might be looking at life followed by 6 steps how to shift your perspective to see life through a brighter and lighter lens. You truly have the power to change how you look at any life situation and how you perceive reality. It’s all a matter of shifting your own perception which is based on your beliefs. To find out more, continue reading.

Through what lens are you looking at life?

”8 billion different realities intertwined simultaneously “

The way we see the world is always a reflection of how we feel within us. And how we feel within us is defined by what beliefs are navigating our thoughts and actions. Over time throughout life, things may happen which will enhance certain feelings and thus certain ways how you are looking at life. What I like to call, the lenses of life. Depending on what has occurred in your life, you will be looking at life through specific lenses.

When you carry unhealed wounds and pain within you, you will look at life through that heavy baggage which will make life a heavier experience. The true key to seeing life in a more beautiful way despite your life experiences is through healing as this removes any unfavorable perspectives from your outlook on life. And since we attract into our life experiences through vibration, when we vibrate at a higher frequency we attract more beautiful experiences into our lives, thus making life more beautiful and allowing you to see the overall grand scheme of life a lot more lighter, even in a fun way regardless of what occurs.

“Things are not as they seem, things are how YOU see them.”

When we decide to start healing, we take of layer and layer of conditioning and imposed beliefs, which will allow us to shift through what lenses we look at life.

Different lenses through which we see life

Lenses which keep you in a low vibrational state (where life isn’t too fun)

  • The lens of fear

  • The lens of anger

  • The lens of hate

  • The lens of guilt

  • The lens of shame

  • The lens of regret


Lenses which keep you in a high vibration state (life is more fun)

  • The lens of joy

  • The lens of unconditional love

  • The lens of freedom

  • The lens of happiness

  • The lens of gratitude

  • The lens of abundance

Eventually when we are aware of our perception, are able to control our mind and do not let our beliefs control us, we can easily shift the lens through which we are looking at life. You will then simply put on different lenses which allow you to navigate through a high vibrational way of life. Of course things will happen which will get you at times to put on a lower vibrational lens, however you will be able to shift away towards a higher vibrational lens much faster over time.


your experiences form your life perspective

6 Steps to shift from a low vibration lens to a high vibration lens

Sometimes in order to get from the low vibrational lenses to the high ones we’ll go through middle stage ones, neutral ones, like the lenses of forgiveness, humbleness or acceptance.

  1. Become aware of the lens you have been wearing.

  2. Understand why you have been wearing a certain lens, what circumstances or situations caused this lens to be put on. What situation from your childhood have you carried with you for too long?

  3. Accept that you have been wearing a certain lens due to a specific reason and allow yourself to let that lens go. This truly comes from understanding why you put on a certain lens in the first place.

  4. Navigate through whatever shifts you need to go, forgiveness and understanding of others perceptions and actions.

  5. Understand that you have the power to see life how you wish to.

  6. Determine how you wish to see life, through which lens, one of joy, love, freedom or happiness. Acknowledge your own power and allow yourself to put on that new lens!

Shift your vibration and perspective

In the end of the day saying “I am looking at life through a specific lens” merely means you are looking at life from a specific perspective. We are all such powerful unique living beings who individually truly have the choice to determine how we see life, to see life through a beautiful lens, no matter what has happened in your life or how messed up things have been. The power truly lies within you, and yes it might take time to navigate from taking of old lenses (letting go of old baggage and truly healing old painful wounds) all the way to choosing which high vibrational lens you wish to put on. Overtime, with practice you will be able to free yourself and see life through the lens of unconditional love, joy, play and freedom. And in the end of the day, life is merely a bunch of experiences allowing us to grow and evolve as a soul 😉

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel


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